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Bio Royale Saved My Hair! (Review & Giveaway)

I used to have a head of very thick hair. I know it because every time I visit the hair salon, I get lamentations and comments from the stylists that my hair is so thick they ought to charge me extra for managing it. =P Friends with very thin hair envy me and tell me that I should thank my lucky stars for being born this way. I didn’t have much regard for my thick locks though – I think they are troublesome because my hair takes hours to dry after a wash.

Things started to change after I gave birth to my first kid though. I know for a fact that post-natal hair loss is a common problem and ought to go away after a while but for me personally, even though it did get better, I began to notice that my hair had been dropping at a way more alarming rate than before I gave birth. I blame it on the hormones and a naturally oily scalp. Just a word of caution – the next photo can be a little uncomfortable, but that’s reality for me every time I wash my hair:

WhatsApp Image 2017-01-16 at 2.08.26 PM

Clearing balls of dropped hair from the drainage tells me that if the problem persists, I might have to deal with balding in years to come – That’s unthinkable! I need to get my scalp condition in order and prevent excessive hair loss quickly. Thankfully at this point, Bio Royale approached me to review their range of hair products, specially formulated for people like me who is struggling with post-natal hair loss problems. In fact, anyone with excessive hair fall problems should try these products!


With 20 years in the making of natural hair products, Bio Royale provides a solution in the form of 4 products – Shampoo, Conditioner, After Shower Serum and Overnight Vitalizer. These products are made in Singapore and are approved by the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore (HSA). So you can be assured that they are safe for use. Because no sulphates & parabens are used in their products, you are already removing the main ingredients that probably caused the hair fall in the first place! I shall spare you the medical and technical details of the products, which you can read about on their website, but share with you 4 ways that Bio Royale products can help solve your scalp problems and how they worked for me personally:

1. Restores Scalp Health

There are many reasons why hair falls excessively. One of the key reasons is definitely to do with the scalp health. Bio Royale products stimulates the healing process, metabolism and circulation, as well as clears infection of the scalp. All these work from the root of the problem (literally) to give you a healthy scalp.

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I used to have very oily and itchy scalp, and I cannot go more than one day without washing my hair. If I do that, my whole head will itch like crazy and when I scratch it, it gets all flaky which is just yucks. After using Bio Royale shampoo and conditioner, this condition improved greatly. I noticed it immediately when I tried not washing my hair for 2 days in a row just to see if there was any improvements. My scalp did not itch at all, and the oiliness was obviously lesser!

2. Reduces Hair Fall

Excessive hair fall is definitely a sign that your scalp is unhealthy and needs help. Ingredients such as Calendula, Buccopa Muneri, Cedarwood oil and other natural DHT blockers help curb hair loss. For me, this was a major concern. After using Bio Royale products, the amount of hair that fell during hair wash reduced greatly and I could also tell the difference when I swept the floor everyday. It felt so good to know that my hair is staying on my head rather than falling all over the place!


3. Encourages Hair Growth

On top of preventing hair fall, Bio Royale products also encourages hair growth with the use of natural ingredients. For many of us women who went through a rigorous stage of hair loss, we can have hope for new hair growth! Personally, I can feel that my hair is stronger now and not as brittle. Volume-wise, it seemed to have improved slightly. I believe it will continue to improve as I use the products for a longer period of time.


4. Anti-Flaking/ Scaling

Unlike most dandruff shampoos that must be used for life, Bio Royale products target the problem at its roots and therefore, you will notice that your dandruff condition will go away after a while. I don’t usually have dandruff problems, but my scalp tends to get flaky after scratching. Since my scalp doesn’t itch as often as before, this problem has gone away for me as well. Yes, I am very glad. The cherry on the cupcake is probably that the products smell very good as well, so it is a pleasure to use them everyday.

We don’t have to live with our scalp problems because they can be easily solved with Bio Royale products. I am so ready to say goodbye to dull hair that is brittle and weak. A few weeks into using the products, I am happy to report that my hair is now strengthened, more moisturised, shinier and definitely falls much lesser than before. I love it!


Get your Bio Royale products here!

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