Monday, March 20, 2017

3 Reasons Why I Love Minus Calories Workout by ActiveHive (Review & Giveaway)

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One of the biggest hurdles to maintaining a healthy lifestyle for me as a full-time working mom with a hectic lifestyle is finding time to workout. I’m not alone in this, am I?

I know that regular exercise is important in order to stay fit and healthy, especially for someone like me who’s nearing my 40s. But besides finding the motivation to go for workout, I also struggle with finding the time to do so. There were nights I managed to convince myself to go for a jog around the neighbourhood, only to realise that I had only burnt a meagre 200 calories after 30 minutes of jogging. That didn’t even cancel out half the dinner I ate that night! So when I heard about the Minus Calories Workout regime offered by ActiveHive, I was all ready to give it a try. After trying it for a few months, I must say this was a workout option that met all of my needs and here are 3 reasons why:


1. Minus Calories Workout Is Efficient For Weight Loss

Efficiency is all we are looking for, aren’t we? I want to spend as little time as possible for maximum returns in whatever I do, and this applies to keeping fit as well. The Minus Calories Workout is a simple cardio workout done on this machine that uses a combination of near Infra Red and clean ionized air to help burn calories more effectively.


This has been by far the most efficient fat-burning detox programme I’ve tried. With the use of infra red light, fats are burned and calories reduced at a much faster rate. The machine tracks the amount of calories burned for every 30-minute session and I was pleasantly surprised to realised after my first session that I had burned over 800 calories in just 30 minutes?! Compare that to only 200 calories burnt during my regular 30-minute neighbourhood jog – That’s 4 times more effective! Burning more calories in lesser time – Absolutely brilliant for busy working moms like me!

There is an additional option for ladies to apply the Minus Calories Anti-Cellulite and Body Sculpt Cream to specific parts of the body (usually the tummy, waist, thighs and buttocks) so that the fat-burning can be targeted and more directed to those areas during the workout (I totally recommend this!) That means that while you are working out on the machine, the infra red rays speed up the burning of fats in those areas and your body can be sculpted during the process – Talk about multi-tasking at its best. =P Moms would know how much loose skin we have especially around the tummy area after childbirth, so this is perfect for us!


Yes, my underarms totally need the anti-cellulite & body sculpt cream too!

2. Minus Calories Workout Is Enjoyable

Working out might be an enjoyable activity for some, but definitely not for me. I would choose lazing on the couch and watching my favorite Korean dramas over working out anytime. Thankfully, Minus Calories Workout makes it an extremely enjoyable experience for me because I get to work out in total privacy in a private room AND watch my korean dramas at the same time! How perfect for someone like me! In the 30 minutes that I am working out, I watched an episode of my favorite drama and lose close to 1000 calories at the same time - What’s not to love about this?! Not a fan of dramas? You can just opt to switch on your favorite piece of music to accompany your workout. That is to say that the whole workout process can be tailored to your liking, to make it as enjoyable as possible for you. :)


Another key feature of this workout machine is the release of clean ionised air during the entire workout, which helps you to breathe much better. I’ve realised that I panted a lot lesser during the workout as compared to jogging on the roads – and that’s attributed to better air quality supplied during the workout itself. In fact, I felt more energized and alert after every workout! The staff makes it even better by preparing a bottle of freshly-pressed juice for me after every workout session – Refreshing, healthy and replenishes the fluids I’ve lost during the workout. I sweat buckets at every workout session!


3. Minus Calories Workout Relieves Body Aches & Pains

Now, does that sound ironic to you? Typically, after every intense workout session, I would experience muscle aches for a couple of days, which just makes me very miserable. After all, no pain, no gain right? This theory does not apply to Minus Calories Workout at all! Because of the unique technology of infra red rays used during the workout, you will experience no muscle aches after your workout sessions – that is to say that your lifestyle will not be affected in any way. In fact, I’ve been told that there are athletes who would go for a workout on the machine just to ease the aches after running a marathon because the infra red rays promotes blood circulation and aids in healing & cell growth. I didn’t quite believe it when I heard it for the first time, and after burning close to 1000 calories on my first session, I was expecting bad aches the following day BUT THERE WAS NONE!

For those of you with a history of chronic inflammatory problems such as joint pain, rheumatism and arthritis, this workout would help you as well. The infra red rays would help to ease those pains, and allow you to continue working out to keep fit. Same for those with sports-related and musculoskeletal injuries (sounds like my husband who is training to run a full marathon now!) – This workout is for you!


The Minus Calories Workout is available for trial at a mere $38/session. Call ActiveHive at 6384 2758 or 9236 4678 or email to : now to find out more and book your session!

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