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Amazonia Indoor Playground (Review & Giveaway!)

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My kids love playgrounds. And by that, I mean they LOVE playgrounds. I’m not alone in this, am I?

So, we finally made it to the largest indoor playground in Singapore – Amazonia at Great World City, after hearing so much about the place and that might have been one of the happiest days of their lives, ever since school started at the beginning of this year. Sure, Amazonia may not be as new as several other playgrounds, but what it offers in terms of play experience is quite impressive. Here are 6 reasons why your kids probably won’t want to leave once they arrive at Amazonia:

1. Six-Storey High Jungle Play Gym


Yes, I kid you not – This structure is six storeys high with plenty of fun elements such as a 4-metre wave slide, spiral slide, ball pit, trampoline, suspension bridges and tunnels. Speaking of the spiral slide, I boldly took a ride down, only to realise that the entire sliding journey is pitch dark which of course got me screaming all the way down, only to meet my two kids (who couldn’t stop laughing) at the bottom of the slide. My 8-year-old even commented, “Got scary meh? Very fun wat!”  Before I could rebut, they scampered off to play in the ball pit. =.=

IMG_2518IMG_2503 IMG_2504IMG_2509 IMG_2515IMG_2520IMG_2521IMG_2522IMG_2525

Every good indoor playground must have a ball pit, in my opinion. As a kid, I enjoyed diving into a ball pit and just lying there – So much fun! Now, my kids are no different from me. Hehe.


It’s strange – My kids are not the boldest kids around but when it comes to playgrounds, they have no fear limit at all. They went down the 4-metre wave slide over and over again, and dashed up and down the different elements in the gym with ease. I tried following them but there was no way I could catch up, so I gave up after a while. These kids had endless energy, and I guess a play gym of this magnitude was too hard to resist.

This play gym is great for children between 3-12 years old, but parents can go on it too! In fact, at Amazonia, parents and caregivers are strongly encouraged to play with the kids on the structures to foster bonding. Therefore, all the structures in Amazonia are built with that in mind and are very sturdy to be able to withstand the weight. You can be fully assured when you play on them with your kids. :)

2. 3D Glow Golf


This is one of the separately-priced attractions within Amazonia but absolutely worth it! We loved this mini golf play area, especially when the whole place is glow-in-the-dark and the obstacles make sounds and even move to increase the difficulty! Pardon the photos – It’s really hard to capture good shots in there so you need to go check out the place yourself!

IMG_2461 IMG_2462IMG_2465IMG_2468IMG_2470

3. Space Ball


My kids totally enjoyed Space Ball – another separately-ticketed attraction in Amazonia because they got to shoot glow-in-the-dark balls at target boards! There’s something about shooting balls that excite kids beyond measure, which I don’t quite understand. But as long as they have fun, it’s all good for me! If you are worried whether this is unsafe in any way, rest assured. The balls are soft so even if they are hit, they won’t be hurt in any way. One game lasts only 3 minutes though, so be prepared that they will ask for another go.


4. Toddler Area

Not every indoor playground has an area specially catered for the younger kids, so at Amazonia, they have an area specially crafted out for them. When my kids were little, one of my biggest concerns about bringing them to an indoor playground was that they would get treaded upon or pushed around by the older kids. With a toddler play area, parents of young kids do not have such worries and your toddlers would have such a great time playing with all the safe equipment and features there.

IMG_2545 IMG_2549IMG_2546IMG_2547

5. Yummy & Extensive Cafe Menu

Amazonia must be one of the few (if not the only one) cafe in an indoor playground that offers such an extensive menu! Best of all, there have been good feedback on the quality of the food, so you can definitely have a good meal there in the midst of having fun! Purchase is done with a card issued to you when you enter the playground, and you make all payment at the exit just before you leave.


6. Amazing Party Rooms

I don’t know about you, but one of the first few things I look out for when I check out a new indoor playground is the party rooms. The rooms speak of how much fun the playground knows how to conjure up, and that’s important. I was pretty amazed when I stepped into the two party rooms at Amazonia – They are not huge but check out the setup! Horse chariots for the princesses and sports cars for the boys? How can any kid step into this space and not screech in excitement?!


I was told that parties are really popular at Amazonia – Apart from the massive setup, the party hosts play an important role as well. They can create parties that are so fun and memorable for the kids that they will remember for a long time to come. Every party package also includes free play in the playground for the birthday kid and guests, as well as play time either in the Space Ball or 3D Glow Golf course. As parents, we need not worry about a single thing because everything will be properly planned and taken care of by the party hosts. Just enjoy along with the kids and celebrate with them, instead of running helter-skelter trying to get everything ready!


So, I’m sure you can understand now why I had such a hard time getting my kids to leave Amazonia at the end of the day. There are so many elements to explore in the playground and your kids can have endless hours of fun in there. You totally should check out the place for yourself to know.

1 Kim Seng Promenade #03-08
Great World City Mall Great World City
Singapore 237994

And all thanks to Amazonia, I have 25 pairs of tickets to give away to The J Babies’ readers! Every winner will receive 2 tickets each that will entitle a kid to one hour of free play in Amazonia. Do read the terms & conditions before participating in Rafflecopter!


Every winner walks away with a pair of tickets (for 2 kids) that entitles every kid one hour of free play in Amazonia Playground. Closing date for giveaway participation: Friday, 10 March 2359hours.

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