Wednesday, May 31, 2017

How To Participate In Giveaways Via Rafflecopter: Step By Step Instructions

And so, by now you should know that I only run my giveaways via Rafflecopter, and I get queries every now and then on whether you have done the steps correctly. So here goes a step-by-step instruction sheet on how to participate in a Rafflecopter giveaway and rock it!


1. Click on the steps one by one - For eg: “Visit The J Babies on Facebook”. The option will expand out for you to read the details.


2. Click on ‘Visit Us’. This will bring you to The J Babies’ Facebook page in a new tab, where you can choose to surf the page or like the page, if you wish. After you have visited, come back to this page and the click on the option – ‘I Visited’. (Note: This option is muted if you did not actually visit the page)

3. Repeat the same for the subsequent steps. Always make sure you fulfill the steps and come back to the rafflecopter to indicate that you have done so, otherwise it would not be registered. Key in the info as required for eg Facebook Name, Instagram Name, when prompted.


4. Viola! You have participated in the giveaway successfully!

If you still have difficulties, please contact me via or PM me on The J Babies Facebook page.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Annual Eye Check-ups Are Important!

The blog has taken a hiatus for a while because the husband recently underwent an emergency surgery, and I have been busy juggling work, mom and wife duties. Some of you would have known from my husband’s Facebook updates that he suffered a retina detachment about a month ago, and had to undergo an emergency surgery to attach the retina back. Currently, he is recuperating at home, with his vision slowly regaining bit by bit. The entire recovery process will take up to half a year for the vision to be back completely – It’s slow, but we are glad the surgery and recovery have been going well. Ever since the incident happened, I’ve gotten many questions from friends about why or how the retina detachment happened, whether the husband did any sky-diving or extreme sports that caused it, or whether it was the overuse of contact lens, etc. The husband will do a detailed post on the entire journey later on when he is more able to, but for now, I’ll just touch on the very basic and why I think this incident has caused me to rethink the importance of annual eye check-ups.

According to Mr Google, the retina is the light-sensitive layer of tissue that lines the inside of the eye and sends visual messages through the optic nerve to the brain. When the retina detaches, it is lifted or pulled from its normal position. If not promptly treated,retinal detachment can cause permanent vision loss. What happened for my husband’s case was that he started to see a lot of floaters in his right eye vision one fine day, and that lasted for a day before he started to see a black shadow that covered the lower part of his right eye vision. That black shadow slowly grew to cover half of his entire right eye vision over the next two days, and that was when we went to see our optometrist, Brian for a check (He is Joey’s optometrist, who did her Ortho-K lenses) You see, it was the long weekend, and we didn’t know where else to go to for a detailed eye check-up. I knew Brian had some equipment that can do detailed scans of the eye, so we headed there right away.

Brian did a scan and told us to head to the A&E department right away because it was most certainly a case of retina detachment. Frankly, we didn’t expect it to be so serious but the urgent tone in Brian’s voice told us it was not a small matter. Brian gave us a printout of the eye scan to bring to the hospital, which proved to be very useful because the doctors could immediately diagnose it to be retina detachment without delay or the need to do more thorough checks. The surgery was scheduled that very night.


The very first question the doctor asked my husband was whether he did sky-diving or had any falls that could have caused the retina to detach, but nothing of that sort happened. So, the only explanation that the doctor could give was perhaps due to his high myopia (900 degrees in both eyes) and also due to aging of the eye muscles and tissues, the retina detached. As the retina is the inside of the eye, we could not detect anything at all from the outside. In fact, his eye looked perfectly normal, and there was no pain at all. Thankfully, our optometrist directed us to the hospital right away, otherwise we might have found out only when it’s too late.

It seems that retina detachment can happen for various reasons and to anyone. We’ve had friends coming to us and sharing with us their experience of dealing with retina detachment – There was a friend who had it when she was only 18 years old and she got it without doing any extreme sports. And there was another who had it twice in a week even though he was extremely careful after he got it for the first time. So you see, it could happen very randomly and unexpectedly to anyone.

The truth is, many people know the importance of annual body check-ups, but very few people actually bother to consider their eye health condition. About a year ago, Brian asked me to bring my family members for a detailed eye check-up because he has a couple of new machines in his clinic. It was then he explained to me the importance of having annual eye check-ups, just like how we would diligently go for body check-ups. At that check-up, my mother and mother-in-law as well as my husband and kids did a scan of their eyes and we were advised on what to look out for in our eye health.


My mother-in-law’s eyes are good, and Brian gave her some advice on how to take good care of her eyes especially when she is aging. My mother’s eye condition was not as good as she often complained of headaches and pain in the eye, and Brian explained why it was so. He also advised my mother to go for treatment at the hospital to relieve the pain in the eyes that she suffered often, by writing a letter of diagnosis and recommendation, along with the eye scan photos.

Chu, Swee Eng (1600127)_ODChu Swee Eng eye report

After your eye check-up, you will receive a detailed report as well as the scan of your eye via email, and whether any follow-up actions are necessary. Jayne also did a check-up and we were glad her eyes are good, and no glasses are necessary.


In fact, a year had passed since then and Brian had been telling me to bring my family back for an annual check-up again soon, but I had been procrastinating. If only my husband had gone for a check-up sooner, the condition of the eye could have been detected and this whole episode of retina detachment might have been avoided. That is the reason why regular annual eye check-ups are so important! We use our eyes so much every single day that they are bound to be worn out and need good care just like how we take care of our bodies. Don’t ever neglect proper eye care, because our eyes are very valuable assets to us.


If you are interested to go for a check-up on your eyes, I strongly recommend AeroV Optometrist. They are equipped with instruments that can assess and inspect the health of your eyes (to determine if you have or may have conditions such as Cataract, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy), the refractive error of your eyes (to determine if you need any form of vision corrections) and the curvature distribution of your corneas (to determine and design the most suitable contact lenses for your eyes). They are also equipped to diagnose and/or manage binocular vision problems such as Strabismus (eye-turn), Amblyopia (lazy eye). Prices are very affordable - The retinal check is S$50, eye pressure is S$20 and the front eye check is S$15. For an essential and important eye check-up that you only need to do once a year, I think that’s very reasonable and highly recommended! More importantly, Brian is one of the nicest and most professional optometrist I have met. He is especially good with kids!



Disclosure: The J Babies was given complimentary eye check-ups for review purposes. All experiences and opinions represented in this post are solely ours, and no other financial compensation was received for this review.

Friday, May 19, 2017

NDP 2017 Special: #OneNationTogether

Media Coverage

Some of you may not know this, but I am not born in Singapore. I was born in Malaysia and lived there for about three years before I came to Singapore with my parents. But I am a true blue Singaporean in every sense of the word because I grew up and lived my entire life here the last 30 over years, and am really proud to be called a Singaporean. There are many things I love about Singapore and when it comes to the month of August every year, I celebrate the victories and unity of our nation on National Day with great pride and joy. So far, I’ve only made it to the National Day Parade live once when my kids were still little, but that experience was so wonderful that I still reminiscence it every now and then. Yup, that’s Jayne enjoying herself on that day 7 years ago!


If you’ve been to any of the National Day parades before, you know what I’m talking about – The emotions, pride and joy you feel as a Singaporean at a NDP is indescribable and nothing quite like watching it on the TV – I say every Singaporean should attend the NDP live at least once in their lifetime! Obviously, I’m not the only one who thinks that way – The balloting for the tickets is hot every year! (Don’t say I bojio: Balloting starts next week!!!!)

In less than three months’ time, we will be celebrating our nation’s 52nd birthday once again, and this year’s NDP will be back at the Floating Platform. Can’t wait to dress up all in red and have a wonderful celebration with fellow Singaporeans on that day!!

Credit: NDP 2017 Organizing Committee  

At the first NDP 2017 media conference which happened yesterday, the theme, logo and song were revealed!

THEME – #OneNationTogether

#OneNationTogether is the theme for NDP 2017 and I think that is so apt for a nation like ours. We have also prided ourselves to be a country with great racial and religious harmony, where people from all walks of life, beliefs and backgrounds can dwell happily together with no conflicts. On National Day, this is certainly a uniqueness that we can celebrate together. The future may be full of challenges and uncertainties, but when a nation unites together and puts aside all our differences, there is really nothing we cannot overcome together. I believe that Singapore has a bright future and every Singaporean has a part to play in that. :)

Interestingly, the hash symbol (#) has been incorporated into the NDP theme for the very first time. Not only is this encouraging Singaporeans to display their love for the nation on social media platforms, the hash symbol is also symbolic of home because most Singaporean home addresses have this symbol. Did you know that Singapore is the only country in the world that uses the hash symbol in our addresses?  This is truly #uniquelySingapore.=D

LOGO – Interlocking Hands


This year’s NDP logo features four hands clasped and interlocked with each other in unity. The logo is inspired by the iconic image on Singapore’s first ten dollar Orchid series note launched in 1967.


The intertwined hands symbolise Singaporeans from all walks of life setting aside their differences, and coming together with the conviction of building a better Singapore of tomorrow. It also reflects the important role that racial harmony has played in our 52 years of nation building. Red is the primary colour of the logo, reflecting our celebratory mood as we commemorate Singapore’s 52nd year of independence. It also represents the unwavering determination and passion of our people. The white in the logo symbolises the everlasting purity and virtue of our nation. The image of our island, nestled in the centre of the four hands, represents the special place that Singapore will hold in the hearts of all Singaporeans.

Credit: NDP 2017 Organizing Committee  

Theme Song – “Because It’s Singapore!”

I look forward to the unveiling of the theme song for NDP every year. While I love many of the previous theme songs that I grew up singing such as “Count On Me, Singapore” and “Stand Up For Singapore”, the newer theme songs always surprise me with their lovely melodies and meaningful lyrics. This year is no exception – “Because It’s Singapore” is jointly produced by Jay Lim (singer and lyricist) and Lee Wei Song (composer), and they hope to touch the hearts of fellow Singaporeans through the joy of music that is simple and moving.

Credit: NDP 2017 Organizing Committee  

Enjoy the song performed live at the media conference yesterday!

Title: Because It’s Singapore
Music and Lyrics by Jay Lim

Step by Step
Together we’ll build our dreams
Heart to heart
Together we’ll stay as one nation, undivided
Back to back Together we’ll brave the heat, the cold, the storms
Hand in hand Together we’ll grow this land that we call home

Nothing in this world compares
It’s our Singaporean Life
Everyone is family, friend and neighbour
Living in harmony

Nothing in this world compares
To this island where it’s home
Where we love and know we’ll never be alone
Because it’s Singapore (Just Believe)
This is Singapore (We Can Be)
Our Singapore (The world will see)
We are Singapore

Send Your Wishes For Singapore!

Want to send in your wishes for Singapore’s 52nd birthday? You are invited to tag your photos, well-wishes, reflections or stories on your personal social media platforms and/or NDP social platforms such as Facebook (, Instagram (@ndpeeps_2017) and Twitter(@NDPeeps), with the following hashtags: #OneNationTogether, #NDP2017, #NDP17, #SG52. The hash-tagged photos, well-wishes, reflections or stories will be compiled and published on the official NDP website ( :)


Stay tuned for more updates on NDP2017 that will be progressively revealed as we draw near to the celebration event in August, and I have some special giveaways coming up in my next few posts too! =D

Disclosure: This is part of a series of publicity posts done in collaboration with the NDP2017 Organizing Committee.

Friday, May 12, 2017

5 Unique Features Of An Amazonia Party Experience!

Sponsored Review

My kids love a good party, so every year, we try to do something different on their birthdays. This year, we decided to do a combined birthday party for them since their birthdays are only a month apart. We chose a midway point and had a birthday party last Sunday at Amazonia Indoor Playground. The kids had only been to Amazonia Indoor Playground once before this, and they couldn’t stop raving about how fun the place was since then, so it was their Number One choice of venue for their birthday party this year. I’m glad we did so – My kids, as well as their friends, had a blast of a time! I had many parents coming to me after the party, telling me how much fun they had! I was certainly glad they did. :)

There are many indoor playgrounds in Singapore and if you are planning on a party at such a venue, I have to say, hosting your birthday party at Amazonia is a brilliant idea because you get 5 unique features in one place – That’s like paying a price and getting 5 different experiences all at one go! If you know your Math, you should know how worthwhile that is. =)

1. 4D Themed Decorated Party Rooms

Yes, this is the only indoor playground with such elaborate party room setup in Singapore. The girls’ party room has got horse carriages as seats, while the boys’ room has got racing cars! Initially, we were only booked for the girls’ room, but because the boys’ room happened to be available last minute as well, our host opened up both rooms for us to use! Very glad for the extra space for the kids to run around, and the parents to hang out too!


I imagine it must be a very magical experience for the kids, to have their meals in the carriages and racing cars. Just look at all their big smiles! =D


The good thing about such a setup is that you don’t have to crack your head about decorations. This makes for a really fuss-free party experience, and that’s good I say! All I did was to do up simple calligraphy pieces with my kids’ names and hang them up using paper frames by Masons Home Decor, and it looks good enough!


Close-up of the pieces I did for the party. Doesn’t take much to dress up a party, does it? :)


2. Space Ball

Depending on the package you choose, Amazonia Parties can include Space Ball and 3D Glow Golf games for the guests, both of which are unique to Amazonia Indoor Playground. In the Space Ball room, the kids were split into two teams and took turns to shoot the target boards of their opponents’ team. It was so much fun!


Don’t worry about safety issues because the balls used here are all soft and spongy, and won’t hurt a bit even if you are hit by it! The party host would dim the lights and everything starts glowing in the dark, making it even more fun.


3. 3D Glow Golf

This is another unique feature that you can only find in Amazonia Indoor Playground. Using golf sticks, the kids have to navigate through different obstacle golf courses in the dark, with glow-in-the-dark installations that move and make sounds!


4. Four-Storey-High Play Structure

In between different programmes during the party, the kids are free to roam and play in the four-storey play structure inside Amazonia Indoor Playground. This is the biggest and tallest in Singapore, and don’t say I don’t warn you, parents – If you follow your kids in, you have to be extra flexible, agile and fast to catch up with them! It’s amazing how good in directions the kids become once they enter an indoor playground! Also, get ready for adrenaline rush when sliding down those long slides! I am amazed how the kids can go over and over again consecutively! Even my Joey and her friends, who are 11 years old, love running up and down the structure. And don’t worry, the structure has been tested to be able to withstand weight of both parents and kids, so it is absolutely safe.


5. Outdoor Trampoline!

Now, how many indoor playgrounds come with an outdoor extension as well? Amazonia Indoor Playground not only has an outdoor element, it is the very in-trend trampoline jump & bounce area! The kids went crazy over here, I tell ya! There is always a staff to ensure that only a certain number can play at any one time and to control any dangerous stunts that the kids may attempt. With their supervision, you can be assured to let your kids play! This can of course be included in your party package as well. :)


So, what did I say? Having a party at Amazonia is like having a 5-in-1 party, where the kids can try different activities and games, and have so much fun. This is definitely more fun and unique than a typical birthday party where you play the usual party games. My 11-year-old came to me after the party and said, “Thank God we didn’t have to play any of those lame party games, Mom. Thank you very much.” =P

Amazonia Indoor Playground has many different party packages for you to choose from, depending on your preference and budget. You can opt to have a magic shows, Science performances, laser tag and even wildlife appearance at your party where you can come up, close and personal with live animals such as snake or even crocodile! Sounds amazing, isn’t it? Find out more here.

Of course, what’s a party without cakes and singing of the birthday song, right? Our party host gathered the kids together and led them in the whole celebration, as well as photo-taking. It’s always easier when there is a host around, don’t you think? =P


Amazonia prepared food for the kids, and I got my mom to make some macaroons, which were surprisingly quite a hit with the kids!


Finally, a video summary of what happened during the party! It aptly sums up our Amazonia Party experience! =D

So, did the kids enjoy themselves? YOU BET THEY DID! They left the party claiming that it was the best birthday party they’ve ever had, and even after the party, various parents told me how much fun their kids had. We are so glad everyone had fun – Big thanks to Amazonia Indoor Playground for hosting our party and making it a memorable event for everyone.

Planning a party soon? Check out Amazonia Indoor Playground or contact them to find out more. :)

Great World City Mall
level 3 Unit #03-08
1 Kim Seng Promenade
Singapore 237994

1. 95% of the photographs used in this post are taken by Joshua Pwee Photography.
2. Birthday cakes are courtesy of Emicakes. (
3. Paper frame decorations are courtesy of Masons Home Decor.

Disclosure: Amazonia Indoor Playground sponsored a Classic Party package for review purpose on the blog. Food for the party was paid for by The J Babies. All photographs and opinions presented in this post are property of this blog.