Friday, May 12, 2017

5 Unique Features Of An Amazonia Party Experience!

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My kids love a good party, so every year, we try to do something different on their birthdays. This year, we decided to do a combined birthday party for them since their birthdays are only a month apart. We chose a midway point and had a birthday party last Sunday at Amazonia Indoor Playground. The kids had only been to Amazonia Indoor Playground once before this, and they couldn’t stop raving about how fun the place was since then, so it was their Number One choice of venue for their birthday party this year. I’m glad we did so – My kids, as well as their friends, had a blast of a time! I had many parents coming to me after the party, telling me how much fun they had! I was certainly glad they did. :)

There are many indoor playgrounds in Singapore and if you are planning on a party at such a venue, I have to say, hosting your birthday party at Amazonia is a brilliant idea because you get 5 unique features in one place – That’s like paying a price and getting 5 different experiences all at one go! If you know your Math, you should know how worthwhile that is. =)

1. 4D Themed Decorated Party Rooms

Yes, this is the only indoor playground with such elaborate party room setup in Singapore. The girls’ party room has got horse carriages as seats, while the boys’ room has got racing cars! Initially, we were only booked for the girls’ room, but because the boys’ room happened to be available last minute as well, our host opened up both rooms for us to use! Very glad for the extra space for the kids to run around, and the parents to hang out too!


I imagine it must be a very magical experience for the kids, to have their meals in the carriages and racing cars. Just look at all their big smiles! =D


The good thing about such a setup is that you don’t have to crack your head about decorations. This makes for a really fuss-free party experience, and that’s good I say! All I did was to do up simple calligraphy pieces with my kids’ names and hang them up using paper frames by Masons Home Decor, and it looks good enough!


Close-up of the pieces I did for the party. Doesn’t take much to dress up a party, does it? :)


2. Space Ball

Depending on the package you choose, Amazonia Parties can include Space Ball and 3D Glow Golf games for the guests, both of which are unique to Amazonia Indoor Playground. In the Space Ball room, the kids were split into two teams and took turns to shoot the target boards of their opponents’ team. It was so much fun!


Don’t worry about safety issues because the balls used here are all soft and spongy, and won’t hurt a bit even if you are hit by it! The party host would dim the lights and everything starts glowing in the dark, making it even more fun.


3. 3D Glow Golf

This is another unique feature that you can only find in Amazonia Indoor Playground. Using golf sticks, the kids have to navigate through different obstacle golf courses in the dark, with glow-in-the-dark installations that move and make sounds!


4. Four-Storey-High Play Structure

In between different programmes during the party, the kids are free to roam and play in the four-storey play structure inside Amazonia Indoor Playground. This is the biggest and tallest in Singapore, and don’t say I don’t warn you, parents – If you follow your kids in, you have to be extra flexible, agile and fast to catch up with them! It’s amazing how good in directions the kids become once they enter an indoor playground! Also, get ready for adrenaline rush when sliding down those long slides! I am amazed how the kids can go over and over again consecutively! Even my Joey and her friends, who are 11 years old, love running up and down the structure. And don’t worry, the structure has been tested to be able to withstand weight of both parents and kids, so it is absolutely safe.


5. Outdoor Trampoline!

Now, how many indoor playgrounds come with an outdoor extension as well? Amazonia Indoor Playground not only has an outdoor element, it is the very in-trend trampoline jump & bounce area! The kids went crazy over here, I tell ya! There is always a staff to ensure that only a certain number can play at any one time and to control any dangerous stunts that the kids may attempt. With their supervision, you can be assured to let your kids play! This can of course be included in your party package as well. :)


So, what did I say? Having a party at Amazonia is like having a 5-in-1 party, where the kids can try different activities and games, and have so much fun. This is definitely more fun and unique than a typical birthday party where you play the usual party games. My 11-year-old came to me after the party and said, “Thank God we didn’t have to play any of those lame party games, Mom. Thank you very much.” =P

Amazonia Indoor Playground has many different party packages for you to choose from, depending on your preference and budget. You can opt to have a magic shows, Science performances, laser tag and even wildlife appearance at your party where you can come up, close and personal with live animals such as snake or even crocodile! Sounds amazing, isn’t it? Find out more here.

Of course, what’s a party without cakes and singing of the birthday song, right? Our party host gathered the kids together and led them in the whole celebration, as well as photo-taking. It’s always easier when there is a host around, don’t you think? =P


Amazonia prepared food for the kids, and I got my mom to make some macaroons, which were surprisingly quite a hit with the kids!


Finally, a video summary of what happened during the party! It aptly sums up our Amazonia Party experience! =D

So, did the kids enjoy themselves? YOU BET THEY DID! They left the party claiming that it was the best birthday party they’ve ever had, and even after the party, various parents told me how much fun their kids had. We are so glad everyone had fun – Big thanks to Amazonia Indoor Playground for hosting our party and making it a memorable event for everyone.

Planning a party soon? Check out Amazonia Indoor Playground or contact them to find out more. :)

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1. 95% of the photographs used in this post are taken by Joshua Pwee Photography.
2. Birthday cakes are courtesy of Emicakes. (
3. Paper frame decorations are courtesy of Masons Home Decor.

Disclosure: Amazonia Indoor Playground sponsored a Classic Party package for review purpose on the blog. Food for the party was paid for by The J Babies. All photographs and opinions presented in this post are property of this blog.