Thursday, May 11, 2017

Emicakes For Every Occasion!

Product Review

When it comes to delicious cakes with fresh and abundant ingredients, the first name that comes to my mind is always Emicakes. There may be many other bakeries that make cakes with beautiful decorations and exquisite designs, but I always trust Emicakes if I want good quality cakes that would amaze my guests at any event. That was definitely the case at Joey & Jayne’s combined birthday party last weekend.

In my opinion, the birthday cakes make up a huge part of the whole party experience. For that few minutes at least, everyone’s attention would be on the birthday kids and the cakes when everyone sings the Happy Birthday song in unison. Thereafter, the birthday kids would take pride in serving the cakes to their guests who would savour them. Usually, when nobody says anything about the cake, you can assume it was just an okay cake with nothing to wow about, but when everyone starts praising how yummy the cake was and asking where the cake was from, you know you have hit jackpot. =D

So, since we did a combined celebration for my two girls, we decided to go with two cakes so that they can both blow out candles on their own cakes. Plus, these two girls can be as different as North & South poles when it comes to their taste buds, so having two cakes mean we can have two different flavours! If you do not yet know, Emicakes makes the BEST durian cakes ever, so if you are a fan of durian, you HAVE to try them! Joey loves durians and Jayne loves chocolates, so those were the two obvious choices for us. Check out their adorable cakes!!

(Photo by Joshua Pwee Photography)

I first saw this design on Emicakes’ Facebook page and thought it was adorable! This was actually one of their Mother’s Day cake designs, but I couldn’t resist requesting for it for my party. Emicakes customised the colours of the bows to the kids’ favourite colours and made Joey’s cake with longer hair since she has longer hair than Jayne. They were perfect! You should have seen the kids’ expressions when the cakes were revealed to them on the day itself! =D

(Photo by Joshua Pwee Photography)

The Mao Shan Wang cake had abundance of fresh durian puree, so every bite was bursting with the fragrance of my favourite fruit! I am not a gourmet but I thought the cream used in the cake was also durian flavoured, so everything just came together very nicely and perfectly. I took a huge slice and felt so satisfied! My durian-loving friends had high praise for the Mao Shan Wang cake – Even my mom who makes durian desserts and cakes herself couldn’t resist taking more than one slice! She’s a real critic when it comes to desserts, I would know! But she kept going on and on about how awesome the cake was - “It’s the real deal”, she says. =P

Jayne’s cake is filled with Chocolate Truffles, and according to the guests, was easily one of the best chocolate cakes they have ever eaten. I was too busy running around the party to try the chocolate truffle cake, but my girls tell me it’s perfect. Seeing the smiles on my guests’ faces, I think it must be true. Chocolate always makes us happy, doesn’t it? =D

Speaking of which, if you are thinking of where to get a sweet treat for your moms this coming Mother’s Day, I think you should look no further. Emicakes always deliver the best quality and you can be sure the whole family will enjoy the cakes together – young & old! Check out their selections for Mother’s Day:

The Mother’s Day Premium Cempadak cake is one of the recommendations – It’s unique and definitely delicious with all the fresh and sweet cempadak used. Expect one layer of cempedak mousse and another layer of premium cempedak filling in between soft & fluffy vanilla chiffon – Sounds amazing already??


Another one of their recommended cakes this Mother’s Day is the Premium Pure Addiction Chocolate Cake, which comes with lots of chocolate treats on top of the cake! Such a happy cake for both the eyes and the tummy!


If you are a Mao Shan Wang fan like me, you can always go for their signature cake – Guaranteed to satisfy!


You can also opt to have the cake in some of their best-selling flavours such as yam, premium D24 or pure addiction (chocolate!). Depending on your preference, every flavour is bound to wow your taste buds.


For the quirky at heart, you might like these new Emoji cake designs by Emicakes! More designs here.


There are ongoing promotions for Mother’s Day cakes till 14 May, so make sure you make your orders asap! Delicious cakes cannot wait! :)


Disclosure: The J Babies was sponsored two birthday cakes by Emicakes for purpose of review. Each cake measures 25cm and is suitable for 25 pax. No other financial compensation was received. All opinions presented in this post are solely ours (& our guests).