Thursday, June 08, 2017

MEGA FUN At Sentosa Starts TODAY!

Media Invite

So, if you remember my post a couple of days ago on Free & Fun 12-Hour Itinerary At Sentosa This June Holidays”, we tried it out (well, sort of) yesterday at the Media Preview and I have to say that Sentosa has outdone themselves yet again! Not only are they offering great fun this June school holidays, they are offering it FREE-OF-CHARGE and everyone (kids, youths, families) can have some wholesome fun without burning a hole in their pockets! This totally spells M.E.G.A.F.U.N indeed! You’ll be glad to know that Sentosa’s Mega Fun experience starts TODAY and will be on every Thur-Sun till June 25, so make sure you plan a trip there very soon!


Check out the map before you set off, so that you roughly know where to go for what. Just looking at the map made the kids mega excited! Pun intended.



This is undoubtedly the key highlight of the entire event, so make sure you check it out! Adults, youths and kids taller than 1.2m can attempt the 3-storey high (10-metres tall) Triple Slide (first & largest in Singapore yo!). This is fast-action, I promise you! When the first kid came sliding down,  my heart nearly dropped out when I witnessed the speed and adrenaline! But when I saw the big grins on the kid’s face, I knew it must be crazy fun! I was even more surprised when my Joey came sliding down more than once!! It must be so fun that she forgot her own fears! Please, a round of applause for Joey please!


According to the kids, the experience differs between sliding down the centre slide and the side ones, because there is an element of twist & turn if you go by the sides, which made it more exciting. But coming down the centre slide meant a better view as you come crashing down! You decide what you like better! =D

If your kids are younger or if they dare not attempt the Triple Slide, don’t worry! There are several more fun inflatables for them to have tons of fun! The Balancing Beam was quite a hit with the kids because keeping your balance on that bouncy, slippery horizontal beam was not easy at all! There are many helpers in blue tees around to assist the kids (and make everything more challenging & fun by their constant water sprays & soapy foams), so rest assured that your kids are in safe hands. Plus, nobody gets hurt on inflatables, ever!


Rock climbing has never been this challenging! I can’t even scale a normal traversing wall, what’s more a wet & bouncy inflatable one?! Then again, the goal was not to scale the entire wall, but to attempt to do so, bounce & drop off onto the inflatable platform and have a good and crazy laugh. The kids did all of that, for sure!


Cliff-jumping has never been this not-scary. =P Ironically, while Joey conquered the Triple Slide, she hesitated when the helpers encouraged her to jump off from the ‘cliff’ (that green wall) onto the bouncy yellow portion. She probably used up her quota of courage for the day by then. LOL.


Things got very foamy in the Maze & Horizontal Slide, where the kids got bombarded with soapy foam and had a great time sliding here and there. Wish the Horizontal Slide was much longer though!



And this was where ball fights happened! I pity the helpers – They must have been shocked when the kids ganged up to attack them! Then again, who can resist doing that in a gigantic ball pool with 200,000 colourful balls? Yes, I kid you not. The Organizer told us that they had to source for and ship in more balls from overseas because they exhausted every supply locally! Say what??!


Get the kids to do a quick wash-up here before letting them zoom off to the irconic Palawan Pirate Ship from the original POLW, which is now open to public free-of-charge. The same amount of fun but now totally free?? This is reason enough to go now!


Wait, before we leave Palawan Beach to check out the rest of what Mega Fun offers, check out these beach deck chairs that got me bursting out in laughter when I saw it. This is the perfect photo op!



While you are exploring the Inflatables Playground, stay around for special bubble shows by the bubblelologist that will take place at specific timings next to the Palawan Pirate Ship! Also, catch a movie with your family at Movies By The Beach, under the night sky! More details on my previous post. :)


You’’ll be happy to know that Fort Siloso’s Surrender Chambers has just undergone a revamp and is open for free admission TODAY onwards! Rediscover Fort Siloso on a self-guided tour, starting from the Skywalk (Choose from Heritage Trail & Gun Trail) to explore Singapore’s World War II history. The newly-revamped Surrender Chambers will have interactive elements, as well as some of the old wax figures from the old Wax Museum! I’m not kidding, but I totally recognise the Japanese and British soldiers from my childhood days! For our kids, this would be a new experience and fun way to learn more about the history of Singapore! I showed Joey the banana notes used during the Japanese Occupation and she laughed! She loves bananas! =P


Merlion Magic Lights!

From now till 9 July, be treated to a visual and musical spectacular as the 37-metre-tall Sentosa Merlion transforms! I love this new show – Everything looks so 3D and real! The play of colours & lights is ingenious – make sure you catch this 8-minute showcase yourself! =D Show times are at 30-minute intervals between 7.45pm to 9.15pm (Weekdays) with additional shows at 9.45pm & 10.15pm on weekends, eve of PH and PH.


More details of Mega Fun at Sentosa on