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Starting Our Chiropractic Journey With Asia One Chiropractic

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My husband, Isaiah, has been complaining about nagging aches in his neck, shoulders and back for as long as I can remember. He is one tall and lean guy at 1.87m, so he has very typical bad posture problems like many tall people do. When the opportunity arose for him to try out chiropractic treatment with Asia One Chiropractic, he was all excited to start. Having consulted different experts and specialists, he knew that chiropractic is the long-term solution to all his problems. So, what exactly is chiropractic and who needs it? As we move along this journey, I will be sharing more about our experiences and how chiropractic has helped to improve quality of life for our family. In today’s post, let’s first cover some basics!

What is Chiropractic?


This is a question most people ask, including myself, because it is still a fairly new field even though it is gaining popularity nowadays. Chiropractic is a healthcare treatment which focuses on optimizing our health, preserving and restoring our spine, nervous system and our joints through a natural hands-on approach without the use of drugs or surgery. Our spine is one of the most important parts of our body that is made up of 24 moveable bones (vertebrae) that supports our weight, hold us upright and plays an important role in our movements. Its most important function is to protect our spinal cord and nerves as they branch out to all the other parts of the body. As we go through life, accumulation of stress in the spine can lead to the vertebrae misaligning or losing the ability to move, thus resulting in the body not functioning properly and symptoms such as backaches, migraines, joint pains etc would appear. Such was the case for my husband, and we are glad to embark on this journey at Asia One Chiropractic.

Detailed Consultation

Before any chiropractic treatments can be given, a detailed consultation process is necessary. During our first appointment, Isaiah filled up a form, giving information on past medical history etc.


Thereafter, our Chiropractor – Dr John, did orthopedic, neurological and bio-structural examination on him. A detailed postural analysis was also carried out to ascertain the problem areas, and determine what needed to be corrected. Isaiah shared openly about the aches and discomfort he had been feeling – mainly neck, shoulder and lower back aches, hip joints aches and tight T-Band.


After a preliminary examination, Dr John explained to Isaiah where are the areas that were misaligned, thus causing pains and aches in the areas mentioned by him earlier. His legs were different in length, hip bones were tilted, spine was not aligned and there might also be possible degeneration of the spine. He then recommended that Isaiah go for a full spine X-ray to locate areas of subluxations, mechanical problems and any signs of degeneration. This information is crucial for Dr John to determine the right course of chiropractic care to correct his problem, and how the spinal segments involved are to be adjusted.


Is Chiropractic Only For Adults?

Since the kids were with us that day, Dr John also examined them. In case you had misconceptions like me that chiropractic is only for adults, we need to renew our mindsets! Chiropractic treatment is suitable for everyone including newborn babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, busy working adults, elderly, pregnant women and sports enthusiasts. As we age, the misalignments get more and more serious, and most people would only do something about it when the symptoms become unbearably painful and affect their daily lives. But the truth is, we can all do something at the early stage so that we do not need to suffer unnecessarily.


Personally, I was surprised to see many kids receiving chiropractic treatments when I was at the clinic – In fact, many families go every week and receive treatments together because while some need chiropractic care for pain relief or to correct certain misalignments, many use it as a form of wellness and to prevent future problems from arising. Because Jayne is still young and generally has good posture, Dr John merely did some slight adjustments and that was it. Joey has a slightly more serious problem in her posture and would need more follow-up treatments. We were also surprised to hear for the first time that Joey has flat feet! It’s no wonder that she would often complain of aches when we had to walk long distances during our overseas trips - On hindsight, it all makes sense now!


X-Ray Findings & First Adjustments

After Isaiah has had his full spine X-ray taken, Dr John brought him through his analysis at the second appointment with him. The X-rays confirmed his preliminary diagnosis – His neck spine area has some degeneration symptoms, neck spinal is curved in the reverse direction and the lower back spine area has degeneration symptoms. He is at Degeneration Phase Two, and chiropractic treatment can help to rectify his problems. His recommendation is for Isaiah to go through 40 sessions of chiropractic treatment, beginning with twice a week and eventually once a week.

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At the second appointment, Dr John also started Isaiah’s chiropractic adjustments. Frankly, it was interesting to watch, and I took a video clip of the adjustment process that I will be sharing in my next post, so watch out for that!


Joey also did her first adjustment on the same day! She was very apprehensive before it, but at the end of it, she commented that it was not so bad after all! =P Dr John recommended for Joey to go for two months of weekly adjustments, just to rectify some minor issues in her posture and misalignment. Along the way, I’ll share more about the benefits of letting your kids try chiropractic treatments – I’m sure it’ll be very relevant information to all you parents out there. :)


After First Adjustments

After merely one session, Isaiah commented that his neck and shoulders are a lot “looser” after the adjustments done by Dr John. Another obvious difference was in his rib cage – His left rib cage was slightly protruding before the adjustment due to his bad posture but after the adjustment, it was no longer protruding! The adjustment must have rectified his tilted posture. Of course, more sessions would be required to rectify the whole problem, but it was exciting to see the improvements step by step. Seriously can’t wait to see more visible improvements as he continues his sessions at Asia One Chiropractic. :)

More updates to come along the way – Stay tuned! If you have any questions pertaining to chiropractic, feel free to email me and I’ll try to address them the best I know how. =)

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Disclosure: This series of posts on Chiropractic is done in collaboration with Asia One Chiropractic. We are sharing our experiences as we receive the treatments for review purposes. No other financial compensation was received and you can trust that our experiences will be authentic and honest.