Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Gingerbread House Decor Workshop 2017 at Shangri-La Hotel

Media Invite

Shangri-La Hotel has a popular and sold-out workshop every Christmas – Gingerbread House Decorating Workshop which the girls attended two years ago. This year, we were invited back again and the girls were sooooo looking forward to it because they had such fond memories of the previous one!

I personally love the workshop as well because of many reasons – The workshop is always very well-organized with all the materials prepared and ready for us when we arrive and with so many pretty decorating candies and chocolates to choose from! The staff are amazing as well – Many of them would be going around to help the kids with building their gingerbread house, always with a smile and a lot of patience (even when the kids got too rough and the house tumbled down =P). Plus, every workshop comes with lots of Christmas goodies and delicious cakes, pastries and snacks. With happy Christmas carols playing in the background, your mood really gets lifted up in an instance in that place! At least that was what I remembered from the workshop two years ago!

This year was no exception. We stepped into the function room where the workshop was to be held, and the tables were all set up with smiling staff and chefs welcoming us in. Check out the gingerbread house before assembly!


Every participant not only leaves with their gingerbread house at the end of the workshop, but also their mini chef’s toque and apron!


The girls wasted no time in gathering their materials and ingredients for their gingerbread house. Just look at the abundant colorful selections! Love it!


The girls were grinning from ear to ear throughout the workshop. But of course, this is so much fun!


I have to admit that building the gingerbread house was not exactly easy. Two years ago, the girls tried to build it on their own only to realise that they didn’t pipe enough frosting to hold the house together. Of course the chefs came to their rescue then. This time round, they immediately requested for the chefs’ help on the get-go! =P


Love how workshops like these help to build creativity in the girls. They were free to decorate their houses with any of the candies and chocolates (they were eating half of whatever they took though, haha!).


In fact, they kept piling more and more decorations on the gingerbread house that I thought that I couldn’t really see the house anymore! =P


The girls were mighty proud of their designs, and I was too! Great job, girls!


And then it was time to fill our stomachs with all the lovely Christmas cookies, cakes, tarts and donuts! It was such a sumptuous spread, omgosh! And of course, everything tasted delicious and I was just basking in the whole Christmassy atmosphere – So much happiness!


If there is only one workshop you can opt to go for this Christmas season, this is the ONE! Shangri-La Hotel’s Gingerbread House Decor Workshop is a sell-out every year, so make sure you go get your tickets when it’s available for sale starting next week! Workshops happen on Sat & Sun – Check out for more information or call +65 6213 4398/ email to make your reservations. :)

Thanks for the invite, Shangri-La! We had tons of fun as always! :)