Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Our Chiropractic Journey With Asia One: Interim Results

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You can read my first post about our Chiropractic journey with Asia One Chiropractic here.

Many friends have asked me whether there have been obvious results after Isaiah and Joey started on chiropractic treatments with Asia One Chiropractic, and I am happy to give a resounding “YES!!!”  It has been slightly more than a month since they began treatments, and one very obvious difference is that I don’t hear the husband complain about backaches and shoulder pain anymore!


X-rays are taken before any treatments are planned for adults, so after Dr. John analyzed Isaiah’s X-ray films, he recommended for him to go on a 40-treatment programme where adjustments will be done intensively twice a week for 12 weeks, and thereafter reduced to once a week. Obviously, at the age of 42, his posture issues are a lot more serious than Joey’s and intensive adjustments are required at the beginning. As for Joey, because she is still a child, no X-rays are taken and adjustments are done only once a week for a period of 8 weeks. Even though it has only been a month, both of them could feel the difference a better posture makes. Before I go into details about the interim results so far, watch this video compilation of our chiropractic journey so far and you will have a better understanding about how the process goes:

So, what are some tangible differences that are felt after going through chiropractic treatments for a month?

1. Much Lesser Pains & Aches

The husband used to complain frequently about pain in his shoulders, neck and back areas, but after going through chiropractic treatments, I have not heard those complains nowadays! I’m absolutely thankful for that of course. Because of that, he is more relaxed and happier. He could also focus better at work even after many hours of sitting at the office desk. Better postures give greater comfort and eliminate aches resulting from a slouched back. If you are tall (like Isaiah), I am sure you can relate to this.


2. Protruding Rib Cage No More

Isaiah used to have a rather obvious protruding rib cage – a result of his bad posture. I shared in my previous post that right after the first adjustment by Dr. John, the protruding was much less obvious. Now after a month of adjustments, it is no longer protruding and we are all very amazed by that! Isaiah feels it every day and he is the best person to confirm that it is no longer causing any discomfort to his breathing and movements because the protruding is gone!


3. Better Sleep At Night

This is the most obvious improvement for Joey and perhaps what makes me most glad. Before Joey started on chiropractic treatments, she often has difficulty falling asleep and sleeping soundly through the night. I attributed it to the fact that she is very hyperactive during the day and because she doesn’t wind down enough before bedtime (Her mind is still super active thinking of everything!), it is hard for to get a good night’s sleep. But during the consultation with Dr. John, we realized that her issue might not have to do with her hyperactive personality but because of bad posture! She sometimes slouches unknowingly and because of that, her body is slightly tilted resulting in discomfort when she lies down to sleep at night. After a month of adjustments, Joey tells me herself that she sleeps much better now. Even Jayne testifies that she no longer moves and shifts as much at night now, and she is super happy because she doesn’t feel disturbed by all her movements now. =P With better quality of sleep at night, Joey also concentrates better in school during the day and that is always a good thing, isn’t it? =D


So I can say that Isaiah and Joey are very happy after their chiropractic treatments so far. Isaiah tells me how happy and comfortable he feels after every appointment with Dr. John because the adjustments make his feel relaxed and all the tight knots are loosened. Joey, who started off apprehensive and a little scared of the chiropractic treatments, is now a lot more open and at ease with it. She even chit-chats with Dr. John during the treatments! If you recognize that you often have to battle with aches and pains in your body and you are not sure whether they can be rectified by chiropractic treatments, just pop by for a consultation at Asia One Chiropractic and have a check. For the month of November, they are running a special 50% promotion for Consultation & Spinal Examination (Usual price: S$100). Call them for an appointment now (Tel: +65 67332188).


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Disclosure: This is a collaboration between The J Babies and Asia One Chiropractic for review purposes. No other financial compensation is received and all opinions presented in this post are solely based on our personal honest experiences.