Saturday, December 30, 2017

Reasons Why I Love My La Germania Hob

Product Review

One of the things I really wanted to have in the new house is a good cooking hob. You see, in my previous house, one of the three stoves had malfunctioned, so we were surviving on only two and that can be inefficient and frustrating especially when we were hosting guests in our house and needed to do massive cooking. So when I came across this brand of hob – La Germania, I decided to go for it because of good reviews from friends. So far, we love it!


Our La Germania P9501 hob worked perfectly when we hosted some friends at our new place just this week. I was super glad that we could get our gas supply to be switched on in time for the gathering! There are several things I like about this new hob, so if you are looking for a new hob for your house, read on and see if this might be the right one for you too.

Sleek & Stylish Design

Firstly, it’s sleek and stylish. With a newly renovated contemporary kitchen, the last thing I want is to have an ugly hob that doesn’t fit in!Thankfully, when the hob arrived, I thought it fitted perfectly. With a one-piece stainless steel top, the design was modern and classy with sleek-looking knobs as well!


Compact But Efficient

The La Germania P9501 hob is also compact. With 3 stoves and a cast-iron pan support, the whole hob takes up little space – Something I really appreciate for my countertop with limited working space. The 3 stoves come in different sizes and I can cook several pots of food concurrently – Definitely helps me to save time when hosting guests. Multi-tasking at its best!


Easy To Operate

Just press down and turn, and the fire comes on strong. La Germania hobs are fitted with a safe and reliable ignition system, so you can put your heart at ease when using it. Plus, it comes with accessories such as griddle plates and a wok ring. 


Easy To Clean

I love how easy it is to clean the hob after massive cooking. All I need to do is to take out the cast iron support and wipe down everything with a cloth and some stove cleaner. Looks brand new after wiping! That’s probably the best thing about stainless steel top. :)


Getting the right appliance for our homes makes life so much easier, and definitely makes me feel like cooking more often for my family! =D


Hop over to La Germania and check out their range of products you can purchase to revamp your home in time for the new year! =)

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