Tuesday, June 12, 2018

My Brandt Washing Machine Washes, Dries & Steams!

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When I was considering what type of washing machine and dryer I need to get for my new house, I felt stuck at some points because I knew that I would have space constraints. Even though I would have a rather big balcony space, the whole place would be used to hang our wet clothes for drying because we cannot hang them out to dry, like what we did at our previous home. Because of that, I needed my appliances to be sleek and slim, yet powerful enough to handle the huge laundry load of my five-people household. I was so glad that Brandt was able to give me the best solution to my problem!


The Brandt BTWD1308 Top Load Washer Dryer was everything I was looking for – It’s sleek and slim (as you can see below) and it not only washes, but dries AND EVEN STEAMS! Yes, this is a 3-in-1 dream machine for any household!



It’s amazing how much a small machine like this can do. It washes 8kg laundry every load with tons of clever settings in built to make life easier for busy working moms like me. In my household, there are so many clothes to wash that we do full loads everyday. The machine not only efficiently gets the job done, it does it pretty fast and noise-free. I compared it to my previous washing machine and thought that this was a much quieter machine – I don’t really hear it at work most of the time and before I know it, the laundry’s all washed and ready for hanging up.


As you can see, there are different settings for different types of clothes, with hot and cool water settings as well as different washing durations, according to your fancy. If you are rushing for time, you can even opt for a flash wash of 25-minute cycle and everything will be done, quite literally, in a flash. This works for my household because my kids are slightly older and don’t really run and sweat as well as when they were young toddlers. Our clothes are generally not so dirty and can do with a shorter wash cycle. Of course, if your kids’ clothes smell really gross, please opt for the longer cycles, by all means. #justsaying =P

Love the sleek LED digits display with easy-to-control knobs and even a remaining time indicator. For any household, the safety features are important and are all included in this machine, such as door lock during wash, foam control, self-adjusting water level and detergent anti-leak.


I also love it that there are settings I can choose if I want to minimize my ironing load. You know how clothes can come out of the washing machine looking extremely crumpled because of all the rigorous tossing and turning? Again, this machine can go gentle and easy on your laundry if you opt for easy ironing. Prewash, intensive and rinse plus functions can be chosen if you need the clothes to be more thoroughly washed and rinsed. Easy peasy!



During the recent thunder shower seasons, our clothes often could not get dry fast enough so that was when we explored the Drying function of the machine. For drying, this machine can take up to 4kg of laundry load and takes about an hour to dry everything. That’s way better than having clothes hung up for 2 days and still feel damp! Plus, I love the scent of my laundry after it comes out of the machine all dried - Finally, we are no longer at the mercy of the weather!



You might be feeling curious about the Steaming function of this machine just like I was when I was first introduced to it! The steaming function can de-crease up to 4 shirts, and it also comes in very handy during our spring cleaning – I can take out all the thick blankets, jackets and clothes that had been kept in the closets and let them be steamed of all the mould and mildew, and come out smelling fresh and fabulous! Works for soft toys too, I believe (But always check that your soft toys can withstand the heat of the steaming before doing so). Such a useful function for families with kids, don’t you think??


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