Thursday, November 01, 2018

The Great Moscow Circus Is In Town!

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Last Saturday, I brought my mom and kids to catch The Great Moscow Circus and we had so much excitement and fun in one evening!


As we were walking towards the iconic circus tent, I was reminded that my dad brought the whole family to watch the circus more than 20 years ago. Years later, my dad may no longer be here with us, that wonderful childhood memory still brought smiles to our faces. I was so glad that I could bring my mom along for this show – The Great Moscow Circus is a perfect idea for family outing because it’s entertaining for both the young and old!


There was excitement in the air as we stepped into the arena. It’s after the Great Moscow Circus! And it was their first time back to Singapore after more than 10 years, with with over 45 performers!


The whole show was power-packed from start to end, with stunts that made me gasp in wonder and I was literally sitting at the edge of my seats with my eyes glued to the acrobats and stuntmen because the acts were just too exciting! I found myself holding my breath, not daring to breathe, in case I disturbed the performers! Yet, I was also filled with amazement at the performers’ dedication and hard work – It was evident from the whole show that they had put in a lot of effort (and years) to perfect their acts.


Interspersed with all the exciting acts and stunts, the audience were bending over with laughter by pockets of entertainment time by the clowns. The interaction with the audience was superb and very commendable! Giant rubber balls were tossed to the audience to bounce off one another, members of the audience were invited to participate in certain acts and funny games within the circus ring, and one of the most heartwarming moments was when a little girl was invited into the circus ring because it was her first time in a circus and the ringmaster got everyone in the audience to switch on the torches on their mobile phones. The whole circus was instantaneously transformed into a magical space.


The finale act was having 4 motorcycles racing inside a steel ball cage, which made everyone break out into cold sweat because it was highly dangerous and required great coordination by all 4 bikers. Thankfully, they completed the act perfectly!


I love it that the whole show had a myriad of experiences and atmosphere that kept everyone entertained throughout. There was not a moment of dullness – even when the stage was being setup and workers were clearing props and setting up for the next act, the clowns were able to captivate the audience and the whole order of service was seamless and smooth. I totally think everyone must visit the circus at least once because the live performances are really impressive. In a couple of acts during the show, the acrobats failed to complete their acts because of some slips, but they attempted again and succeeded to the roaring clapping of the audience. The ringmaster commented that such is a circus – What you see is what you get and every performer puts in their heart and soul to make sure that they present the best performance but that doesn’t mean that they will succeed in every single act they do. That was not the crux, in my opinion. Beyond the perfect acts, I saw the perseverance and the concentration power of every individual, and I can’t help but feel inspired. Thank you for putting up such a great show, The Great Moscow Circus! They will only be in Singapore for 6 weeks, so make sure you go get your tickets soon to avoid disappointments! Tickets start from $65 and you can get yours here –>