Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Spa In The Comfort of Your Home–The Outcall Spa

Media Review

We all love a good spa treatment anytime, but the problem faced by busy Singaporeans is not that we cannot afford spa treatments, but that we cannot find the time to go for them! Most of us are just going through week after week, trying to juggle everything on our plate and hoping that everything will turn out fine. The truth is, we all need time to de-stress and relax after a long week, so that we can rejuvenate and regain strength for a new week ahead. Can I suggest something for all you busy parents out there? SPA TREATMENTS IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME!

And that was exactly what we ordered in a few weeks ago. The kids had fallen asleep and by 11pm, we finally can relax and get some rest, but because we cannot leave the house, the only way was to get the spa “delivered” right to our home! The Outcall Spa provides such treatments in the comfort of your own home, so that you don’t even have to step out of your house but yet, you get to enjoy total relaxation and pampering. After the husband and I tried the 90-min Couple Massage, here are 3 reasons I think you should order in your home massage as well:

1. So Convenient

Enough said. We literally just relaxed in the living room while waiting for the Outcall Spa therapists to arrive in time for our treatments. The furthest I walked was from my living room to the bathroom to change out of my clothes! No need to spend time on travelling to the spa centre, and I got to enjoy my relaxing & therapeutic spa treatments while my kids were soundly asleep in their bedroom! I don’t see how it can get even more convenient than that!

2. Level-Upz Home Spa

I kinda lowered my expectations about the spa treatment quality because we were not actually going to a professional spa centre, and how good can the ambience in my living room be, right? WRONG! The Outcall Spa people came with two massage beds, which they set up expertly  in no time at all, complete with towels and blankets. We were given disposable underwear to change into, if we want to, and they even set off great-smelling aroma oils while playing some soft spa music in the background! My living room instantly transformed into a spa! Way exceeded my expectations, I say!

I chose Lemongrass for my massage oil and the husband chose peppermint for his, and the whole living room smelt so good! If you think the massage beds are of inferior quality, you cannot be more wrong. They are premium massage beds sourced and made by top bed manufacturers around the world – They made the whole experience so comfortable!

3. Great Service

The two therapists for our Couple Massage were great. But of course, they are certified and experienced therapists, so don’t expect anything less. I don’t usually enjoy massages, to be honest, but my masseur made the experience very relaxing and enjoyable that I almost fell asleep! Granted, it was midnight when we were done, but it was so relaxing I could just walk to my bedroom and fall asleep right away after the session! Case in point – Refer to Point 1. We were also served warm ginger tea after the session, which made the whole session even more complete and enjoyable.

By the way, The Outcall Spa can provide a therapist within an hour, so even if you decide last minute that you need a massage, just call for their service and a therapist will be on her way to you soon enough. They operate daily from 2pm to 1am, with extended hours on Fri, Sat and Sun till 2am. Perfect for busy parents like you and I who are only free late at night after settling the kids! I happen to think this is a great gift idea for your loved ones as well – A therapeutic reward that will surely make them very happy! Check out now to see their different treatments available!

Thank you for a very relaxing 90-minutes, The Outcall Spa!


Disclosure: The J Babies was sponsored a 90-min Couples Spa Treatment for review purposes. All photos & opinions in this post are ours. No other financial compensation was received.