Monday, December 23, 2019

CATS: Award-winning musical wows Singapore again!

Media Review

To be honest, CATS has performed in Singapore a number of times, but I didn't feel like going for it because I thought I wouldn't be enticed by the theme of cats. I knew it was a renowned international production, but there was not much draw factor for me until the husband told me that he was interested to catch it. Thankfully, the production came back to Singapore again this Christmas season and I was able to catch it with the husband and a couple of friends. Turned out, Cats was way beyond my expectation and there were so many WOW factors about the production that I was super glad I went to catch the Gala Night performance last week! Here are 3 things I absolutely loved about Cats musical:

1. The COSTUMES & MAKE-UP were mega on-point.

With cats as the theme of the production, I was already expecting a lot more elaborate make-up as compared to other musicals I've watched, but even so, I was amazed! Upon reaching Sands Theatre, there were cast members around to take photos with the audience and I had a chance to look at them up, close and personal. From costumes to make-up, movements and facial expressions - everything was on-point!

2. The CHOREOGRAPHY was perfect.

Every role in the musical was a cat and every cast member behaved so much like cats! There were really difficult dance moves that only the best ballerinas can pull off. It was like watching a ballet dance-off and every dance scene was exciting to watch!


I love musicals that made the audience feel involved in some way or another, and Cats did just that. There were cats moving in from the back of the theatre all the way to the stage, while interacting with the audience along the way. One of the dancers even picked an audience from the front row to do a dance with him! It was fun!

And of course, my favorite song has got to be "Memory", which was sang at several parts of the musical. Every time it was sung, I was so touched by the voices as well as the melody. It was such a sad song, but it totally brought the mood to another level. On the whole, the musical had a good mix of funny and touching parts, and it captivated me from beginning until the end with the spectacular choreography and powerful vocals. It is definitely a treat for your eyes & ears! I was so happy to catch it with good friends!

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