Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Get Bak Kwa Delivered To Your Doorstep! (Flash Giveaway!)

The Lunar New Year is in less than a week's time - Have you gotten your bak kwa?! =P

Don't fret if you have not, because I've got a great solution for you - Order your bak kwa online from https://bakkwadelivery.sg/ and get your bak kwa as fast as within 2 hours! No need to queue for hours under the hot sun and limited purchase quantities at certain famous brands, and you can enjoy delicious bak kwa in the comfort of your home. Sounds too good to be true? Well, I did just that!

Queuing for food has never been my thing. I don't enjoy queuing and I'd rather not eat it if I have to spend hours waiting for it. Truth be told - I love bak kwa but I have always been turned off by the long snaking queues! Thankfully, there's no need to queue this year because https://bakkwadelivery.sg/ sent a packet over for my family!

Both my kids are big fans of bak kwa, so naturally, they were super thrilled. The bak kwa was delivered a day before I left for an overseas trip with my husband and as I am writing this, everything has already been completely wiped out by my kids while we were away! I could only take comfort in the fact that I had a slice when it was delivered. That was how good it was!

The main reason, I believe, is because Bak Kwa Delivery still does their bak kwa the traditional way - Charcoal roasted and bamboo sieved - which results in a unique fragrance and taste. In fact, just for kicks, you can even read about their production process here: https://bakkwadelivery.sg/about-our-premium-bak-kwa/ Learn how these delicious bak kwa are made and savor every slice in the comfort of your home! I think this makes a super good gift idea as well - Just order online and have them delivered to your family & friends!

1kg of traditional pork bak kwa costs just $55.90, and if you are a fan of spicy food, go for their spicy bak kwa! Waste no time and shop here now: https://bakkwadelivery.sg/shop/


Thanks to Bak Kwa Delivery for spreading the cheer this festive season! Three readers of The J Babies will walk away with 1kg of bak kwa each (Worth $55.90). Quickly participate via Rafflecopter and the winner will be chosen by 23 Jan, Thur 12pm!