Thursday, March 19, 2020

Coolsculpting With Halley Body Slimming Clinic (Final Review!)

I did Coolsculpting at Halley Body Slimming Clinic late last year, and finally went for my final consultation and review last week. You can read all about my experiences and what Coolsculpting entails in my earlier posts:

Frankly, I was a little concerned that I had 'reversed' the effects of the Coolsculpting with my unrestrained feasting over the Chinese New Year period. I had put on some weight, definitely, but my clothes still felt looser at certain parts of the body, so I was looking forward to see the final results. 

Yup, that's me pointing in disbelief at the before and after photos that Dr Terence Tan was showing me. The change was gradual and felt less obvious to me because I see myself everyday in the mirror. But having the comparison photos shown to me from Day 0 till now was a pleasant surprise! What a transformation. =D I'm definitely happy with the results.

As expected, I did put on some weight since my 2nd review, but because I had lost a little at that time, my weight had now just gone back to the original. Dr Terence said it was no cause for concern at all because Coolsculpting is not about weight loss anyway. It is a procedure that helps to sculpt the body shape and my main aim was to get rid of the love handles and get a waist back - Basically a better overall figure and body shape. If I could do that with no weight loss, it would certainly mean that Coolsculpting has been effective and the better body shape was completely due to the procedure and not weight loss. 

So here are the final comparisons between my original body shape and my current one (photos were taken a week ago). Purposely left the markings of my Coolsculpting there on the 'Before' photos, so that you can see where the improvements are supposed to be:

I think the improvements are the most obvious on my abdomen & tummy area. I don't see a bulge anymore and clothes fit much better now. And yes, proud to say that I've gotten my waistline back and I hope to keep it that way! Love handles have also gotten smaller and my back view looks better now, for sure. :)

Thankful for the Coolsculpting journey and experience. 

I feel so much more confident now about my body shape, and it has given me the motivation to keep it that way! If you have been considering giving this procedure a try, give them a call right away and stop sitting on it! Get a consultation done and you can be on your way to a better body shape very soon!

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