Thursday, March 26, 2020

Profhilo Review: Sozo Aesthetic Clinic

"As we age, no matter how much moisturizers we put on our face, it just doesn't absorb well." 

It was about a week ago when I was sitting in the office of Dr Justin Boey at Sozo Aesthetics, that I heard those words that resonated so much with me. Ever since I turned 40 years old, my used-to-be oily skin became extremely dry. There were mornings when I woke up with my face so dry that it felt flaky. I tried to apply a lot of moisturizers but they either give me breakouts or only worked for a day or two. The dryness didn't seem to go away. So when Dr Justin was telling me how Profhilo has become a very popular treatment among women of my age, I could totally understand why.

Profhilo is the first BDDE-free injectable Hyaluronic Acid for hydrating skin and treating skin laxity. Some people call it 'injectable hydration' because that's what it essentially does - Injection hydration directly into your skin where it's required. Everyone knows how important hydration is for our skin, regardless of our age, but for women around my age, it's even more crucial.

Virtually Pain-Free

I was initially concerned that the procedure would be painful but I was quickly assured that it would be very bearable. In fact, there was not even a need for numbing gel to be applied, unlike for other injection cosmetic procedures. The reason is because very fine needles are used for the injections and only 10 injection points are required (5 on each side of the face). Ice packs were used to numb my skin before the injections took place, so as to minimize any discomfort I might feel.

Fast & No Downtime

To my surprise, the entire procedure was over and done with within 5 minutes! That was how fast and fuss-free it was. True enough, there was virtually no pain - The injections felt like ant bites, if anything. It's no wonder this is a popular procedure among the office ladies during lunch time, because there was practically no down-time at all. I was told that I might experience some swelling that resembles pimples in the injection areas, but they were so mild that I didn't really notice them at all.

With one of the highest concentrations of HA in the market (64mg/2cc), the stabilised HA lasts in the skin for about 28 days. Profhilo works because of 2 types of hyaluronic acid: L-HA and H-HA. This hybrid of HA allows hyaluronic acid to be released slowly and lasts longer allowing bioremodeling to take place.It is a procedure that works for me perfectly because it provides the hudration my skin requires, and lift up areas that may have started to sag due to age. I thought Dr Justin was joking when he said that many people are "addicted" to the procedure once they've tried it, but I totally get it now! The whole procedure was so fast and I could see results almost immediately.

Over the next few days, I realised that my skin was indeed a lot more hydrated than before. I didn't wake up with dry skin anymore - In fact, the skin on my face felt elastic and very hydrated. Makeup stayed longer through the day and the skin looked a lot healthier and younger than before. I don't think I've seen my skin this healthy in years! 

Would I recommend Profhilo? I totally would. I've tried and tested it, and I am amazed at how effective it is. Grateful to Dr Justin for making the whole procedure so quick and comfortable for me, and for clearly explaining how Profhilo works and would benefit my skin. The cost of the procedure is $2000 for 2 treatment sessions (each treatment session is 1 syringe of Profhilo- 2ml). And the protocol is 1-3 treatment sessions, spaced out in monthly intervals, depending on your skin condition. If you have any skin concerns at all, or just wish to find out more about Profhilo, do contact Sozo Aesthetic Clinic for a consultation. It might be the skin solution that you have been searching for the longest time.

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