Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Steamboat Delivery (Review!)

My family is BIG on steamboats! We love gathering around the table as a family and feast over hot pipping food cooked on-the-spot, so we do it as often as we can. When we were approached to review the services of, we were of course delighted! 

Ordering from their website was a breeze. They have set meal packages for easy options, so just go for the package that suits your group size and add to cart! Simple right? Of course, if you like to choose what ingredients you want, there are many ala carte items you can choose from.

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So we wasted no time at all in placing our order! I went for the Super value set meal from steamboat delivery and it was delivered on time last Sunday. See what's included in our package:

2 soup bases (We chose Pork Tonkotsu & Kimchi)
Toman fish slices
Chicken breast shabu
Pork collar shabu
Pork belly shabu
Enoki mushroom
Dried beancurd skin roll
Egg Tofu
Chicken sausage
Superior fish paste
Chinese cabbage
Shanghai Green
2 portions of Japanese rice
1 Korean noodle
1 bottle of drink
Fruits (Choice of watermelon or orange slices)
3 dipping sauces (

The food came nicely and hygenicly packaged. I didn't even need to transfer them onto plates! Easy peasy. =D

Why order online, you may ask? There are many benefits from what I experienced. Firstly, I didn't have to go marketing and prepare all the ingredients, which already saved me so much time. Plus, the soup bases they provided were yummy! The kids loved the Tonkotsu broth - it was savory and delicious. The husband and I loved the kimchi soup - It's not too spicy, but it's sourish and very appetizing! Apparently, they claim that their soup bases are simmered for 8 hours daily!

Islandwide delivery is free for orders above $100 (The soonest you can get your delivery is within an hour!), and if you are not satisfied with the freshness of the items delivered, they will replace them with no questions asked. Also, you would be happy to know that every set bundle comes with a free mini hotpot! Looks really cute! It's meant for one pax though! And comes with fuel that can last for 1.5 hours. Since we were dining as a family, I used my own induction cooker instead. But I kept this for future use!

The ingredients were really fresh and we enjoyed our meal very much. The portion was good and sufficient as well!

Order yours today at and enjoy hot and piping steamboat feast at home with your loved ones!


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