Saturday, November 28, 2020

DIY Resin Kits To Make Your Own Resin Accessories! (Review)

 I super love resin accessories because they look classy and always pretty and feminine. In fact, I've been thinking of signing up for resin art classes where I can try my hand at resin as well as create something uniquely mine. So, when Happy Hands Can approached me to review their DIY resin kits, I jumped at it immediately! It turned out really, really fun and interesting!

Currently, they offer several different DIY resin kits - You can choose to make your own earrings, necklaces, keychains or a mixture of them! For me, since I wear earrings most often, I opted for the earrings kit which gave me 4 pairs of uniquely designed earrings that cannot be found anywhere else! 

The kit comes complete with detailed step-by-step instructions as well as all the items you require in making your own DIY accessories. I love how meticulous the team is - they included cotton buds, small plastic cups, toothpicks etc to make the whole process smooth and very easy. The most exciting part was probably using the UV light torch, which solidifies our creations! Don't worry if you are hopeless at art because Happy Hands Can makes this whole project very easy to follow. Even my kids had fun doing them on their own!

(Image from Happy Hands Can website)

Different colorings were provided and all I needed to do was to squeeze out some liquid resin into the plastic cups and mix in my desired colors.

Tiny dried flowers were also included to beautify my earring creations! Love these!

Following the clear instructions, I got started on making my earrings and just enjoyed the whole process of creation and designing. It was so therapeutic! :D 

For this pair, I went for a mixture of pink and blue hues. So pretty already, isn't it? 

Hardening the resin takes just two minutes with this UV light torch.

Once the base is hardened, it's really up to you how you want to place the dried flowers and other decorations. No right or wrong - Just your unique art pieces!

Once all the resin have hardened, fasten the earring hooks and we are all set! Really simple and easy, isn't it? And we end up with 4 different pairs of earrings to don with different outfits!

The end result was so satisfying - I loved every minute of it! I think these DIY resin kits from Happy Hands Can are great as gifts for your crafty friends this upcoming Christmas season, or you can even host an Art & Craft party of five with your friends using these kits! They are also easy and simple enough for kids to try, so get some for your kids to do this school holidays as well - I guarantee you that they will be so pleased with their creations! Hop over to check them out now! =)