Monday, December 21, 2020

Cosmo Quantum Instant Hot & Cold Water Dispenser (Review!)

Have you been thinking of getting a water dispenser for your home but have been procrastinating to do so? I really don't know why you are still waiting, because I personally have been using a water dispenser for more than 5 years now and I am still feeling grateful every day for getting it! So when my brother and sister-in-law shifted into their new place recently, I thought this was the best gift for them. They will be welcoming their first baby by mid 2021, and a water dispenser will be extremely useful and convenient for them! And it was at this time when COSMO approached me for a review of their latest water dispenser - How timely and perfect!

There are so many reasons to get a Cosmo Quantum Water Dispenser and in today's post, let me outline some of the benefits for you:

Sleek & Space-Saving

What I love most about Cosmo's water dispenser is how small and sleek it is! I understand that many BTOs and new houses come with really compact kitchens these days, so if space is a concern to you, this water dispenser will work perfectly for you. It measures merely 445mm (L) x 185mm (W) x 394mm (H) and weighs 11.5kg. It only takes up that little counter space, next to your sink (because it must be connected to a water point). It's small size is also because it doesn't come with a water tank - as mentioned, it connects directly to a water point/source and I like this feature because one less component means one less thing to clean and ensure hygiene. 

And of course, who wouldn't like such a sleek-looking machine with ergonomic touch interface? It's so easy to operate by touch screen - Technology rocks!

Instant Hot/Cold Water

This is the biggest reason why I would encourage anyone to get a water dispenser for their home. You can stop boiling water forever and get hot water instantly at a touch of a button, literally! I cannot emphasize how useful this feature is, especially if you have babies or young children at home. It is too convenient and fuss-free. The Cosmo Quantum water dispenser dispenses water at 3 different temperatures: Icy water (5-10 degrees C), Luke Warm Water (30-45 degrees C) and Hot Water (89-97 degrees C). Making milk for your babies is a breeze with this dispenser! When it comes to entertaining guests at home, I also use the cold water function to make chilled drinks very quickly for my guests. I used to have to make them hours beforehand to get them into the fridge long enough to chill! I cannot emphasize how much time a water dispenser has saved me.

Filtered/ Alkaline Water

You can opt to go for alkaline filter or not for your dispenser. Alkaline water has many health benefits of course, such as anti-oxidant properties, healthier teeth, skin and bone, etc. However, if you are not a fan of alkaline water, you can always opt for a normal filter which purifies and sterilizes the water. Germicidal UV wavelength eradicates the presence of micro-organisms and bacteria. Always good to know that what we are drinking is good for our bodies! Especially useful for families with young children, don't you think?


The Cosmo Quantum water dispenser is now sitting in my brother and sister-in-law's kitchen and they are happy users so far. No more boiling water and instant beverages can be made anytime of the day conveniently! When their baby comes next year, they will enjoy even more benefits and convenience from the water dispenser, I'm sure! So happy to be able to make their lives easier and healthier! For more information on the product, click Cosmo Quantum. You will be happy to know that they are currently running a Christmas promotion where you will enjoy tons of savings as well!

Cosmo is working with Liquid Gateway, a payment service provider who provides a comprehensive range of centralized and secure in-store transaction management services. Thanks to recommendations by Best In Singapore that make choosing easier - Read more here: Best 5 Water Dispensers in Singapore

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