Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Time Capsule At The Singapore Flyer (Media Review)

 It's been ages since we last flew to anywhere, with international flights restricted in the last one year, and expected to be so for another year or so. So, when the Singapore Flyer invited us to check out their latest attraction - "Time Capsule" and to take to the skies in the Singapore Flyer, we gladly agreed because that's the best we can get during this season. With the March school holidays in full swing now, consider bringing your whole family to check out this new attraction to learn all about the history and development of Singapore, and enjoy some quality family time together in the Flyer! Some highlights of the 'Time Capsule' just to give you a sneak peek. For the full experience, you need to visit yourself. It's really an exhibition with a full immersive experience like none of the other attractions I've been to. Honestly, I was quite impressed!

What I loved about the whole attraction was how immersive it felt. The light projections were changing rapidly all around, even on the floors! It made me feel like I was literally going through the time machine, spiraling through history. Very nice!

For my kids, they were intrigued by the wonderful graphics and informative news about what Singapore has gone through in terms of culture, heritage and landscape, especially for my 15-year-old who's majoring in History in school. We love an educational exhibition anytime! 

The attraction spans over two storeys, and you can choose to end with a ride on the Singapore Flyer - It's supposed to be a seamless experience from the past to the modern Singapore we live in today!

The graphics were impressive, really! You need to be there to experience it for yourself!

Before we exited the attraction, we left a family print on their digital wall! One for the memories!

The Time Capsule is a standalone attraction, but of course, your experience will be more complete if you purchase the package that comes with the Singapore Flyer ride as well. The package price for both Time Capsule and the Singapore Flyer is SGD40 for adults (13 years old & above) and SGD25 for children. Book directly online for special discounts! Get your tickets here.