Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Otah Buns - Heat Up & Enjoy!

 I love convenient food, I really do. They are lifesavers especially when hunger pangs hit late at night, and you just need to fix something up really fast. These otah buns that Baowow sent over are really good! I love that they are not too spicy and full of coconut fragrance. All you need to do is to steam them real quick, and you get some comfort food in your tummy!

Look what was sent to me! The otah buns were frozen, and you only need to steam them when you want to consume them. Very convenient and easy for storage!

Otah is one of those food that makes me happy. It's appetizing (sweet, spicy and salty) and when eaten stuffed in a soft bun, it's delicious and filling! Baowow offers other options for the buns such as pandan and charcoal buns as well. The buns are really soft and chewy (especially when you eat them right out of the steamer). But the star is of course their otah! Baowow perfected their recipe in Muar, a place in Malaysia, using only the finest Spanish Mackerels, imported spices and hand made shrimp paste. Baowow only uses mackerels caught with line, to maintain quality consistency for their products.

I sent some of the otah buns to my friends to try and they loved them as well! See how much otah filling there is? It's such a classic comfort food! Love it!

Baowow offers free delivery for all orders above $100 (otherwise, it's $6/order). Always good to stock up such convenient food in the fridge - you will thank yourself when you feel like fixing something easy to eat and you can just reach out to these! Plus, they are so reasonably priced! Prices start from $7 for 5 pieces (one box), so why wait? Place your orders for yummy otah buns now!