Wednesday, July 13, 2022

LUMOS NANO Projector Review: 5 Reasons Why I Love It!

I've been talking about getting a projector for the house for the longest time but I had many concerns on my mind. I thought a projector would be bulky and require a really huge wall to project on, and of course, crazy expensive. But when I saw the LUMOS NANO projector, my concerns were all thrown out of the window! Have you seen how cute, portable and handy (quite literally) the LUMOS NANO is?!

Case in point:

Yes, you are right. Literally fits snuggly into one hand.

And do not be deceived by how small it is, because the LUMOS NANO projector is one powerful machine. There are so many good things I can say about it, seeing how I'm owning a projector for the first time ever, but I'll just narrow it now to 5 reasons why I think you should get one for your home as well. Here goes:

1. Extremely Portable.

This projector weighs a mere 400g, so you can store it in your cupboard when not in use or bring it anywhere you want, really. Pack it in your luggage when you go for vacations or staycations, and you can bring your whole library of entertainment along with you. In fact, I am even contemplating bringing it along for my next camping trip! I can literally just project it on any surface! It also comes with a tripod stand to mount your projector on if you need to.

2. Inbuilt Netflix, Youtube & Other Apps.

The LUMOS NANO comes with Netflix and Youtube pre-installed. This is definitely a big plus for me because these two apps happen to be the most used apps in my household. The projector has its own inbuilt Android 9.0 operating system which makes it literally on and play. I use an Android phone myself, so I am familiar with how to download apps from the playstore etc. It is really as easy as A-B-C. I took maybe 3 minutes to get a hang of how the entire system works. And if a noob like me can do it, so can you. 

Apart from a controller, there is also a touchpad on the projector itself for you to easily navigate from point to point on the projection. It's really intuitive and anyone will have no problem operating it. Best of all, the projector can be charged and used even when not connected to a power source. Perfect for outdoor use, don't you think? =P

3. Widescreen Projection On Ceiling.

If you need only one reason to get the LUMOS NANO, this is it. My family of four laid down comfortably on our king sized bed and watched movies and Youtube videos, just like that! It was amazing to have such a huge screen on our ceiling - It was like our personal home theatre!! Needless to say, the kids were thrilled and I would say it's one of the most unique experiences of entertainment you can have at home. So, no need to fret even if you don't have a free wall in your home to project on. Look up instead! You'll see a 100" full-blown screen on your ceiling! =D

Yes, this was the image of the projection on my ceiling. Pretty cool huh? ;)

There are also two other spots in the house where we can project and watch our shows from. The long wall along my stairway is one, and it was perfect. We could sit on our staircase and watch our shows while munching on snacks (which I would not allow in the bedrooms LOL). 

Another place is my kids' bedroom. They have a feature wall with artwork on it, so I put up a projector screen (you can get yours from Lumos as well) and it works wonderful too. The kids can lie down on their beds and watch from there. Really quite a luxury!

Installed with the DLP technology, which is the most premium form of light display technology in projectors, this high brightness makes the colors more vivid in darkness (not grainy or washed out). You can expect high-quality visuals. Absolutely not an exaggeration.

4. Wireless Mirror Casting.

As if this cannot get better, the LUMOS NANO also allows for wireless mirror casting! This literally means endless options and fun! Simply open the inbuilt Air Screen app & connect via Wi-Fi to mirror smartphone. You can use it to play mobile games, use Spotify, or even Zoom call over a huge screen while lying in bed! How amazing, right?! =D

5. Top-Notch Audio Quality.

One of the main reasons why you would rate a projector good or bad is also its audio quality because it can make or break a show watching experience! You can rest assured that the LUMOS NANO projector comes built with superior audio quality - so good that it can even be used as a bluetooth speaker! The NANO is engineered with powerful Dolby Audio speakers to produce rich, strong & immersive sound, and I can totally testify to that. In fact, I was super impressed when I heard the audio for the first time myself!

So as you can see, we are pretty much in love with the LUMOS NANO projector and enjoying every minute of it. I can already foresee us using it in many other different ways, such as showing a montage of photos and videos during parties, or even for meetings and gatherings where I need to project powerpoint slides or screen a video clip. The possibilities are endless! 

Check out this little vlog I did on our review of the LUMOS NANO, and if you would like to know more, hop over to their website now and MAKE YOUR PURCHASE TODAY! =D In my opinion, this is a great and essential addition to any home. :)

The LUMOS NANO is priced at only S$599 with 1-year local warranty. It is now available for purchase directly from LUMOS Projector via their website at The company currently only ships in Singapore & Malaysia. 

Disclosure: The J Babies was provided with a LUMOS NANO projector for review purposes. All photos & videos are taken by The J Babies, and all opinions presented are solely our own.