Thursday, March 26, 2020

Profhilo Review: Sozo Aesthetic Clinic

"As we age, no matter how much moisturizers we put on our face, it just doesn't absorb well." 

It was about a week ago when I was sitting in the office of Dr Justin Boey at Sozo Aesthetics, that I heard those words that resonated so much with me. Ever since I turned 40 years old, my used-to-be oily skin became extremely dry. There were mornings when I woke up with my face so dry that it felt flaky. I tried to apply a lot of moisturizers but they either give me breakouts or only worked for a day or two. The dryness didn't seem to go away. So when Dr Justin was telling me how Profhilo has become a very popular treatment among women of my age, I could totally understand why.

Profhilo is the first BDDE-free injectable Hyaluronic Acid for hydrating skin and treating skin laxity. Some people call it 'injectable hydration' because that's what it essentially does - Injection hydration directly into your skin where it's required. Everyone knows how important hydration is for our skin, regardless of our age, but for women around my age, it's even more crucial.

Virtually Pain-Free

I was initially concerned that the procedure would be painful but I was quickly assured that it would be very bearable. In fact, there was not even a need for numbing gel to be applied, unlike for other injection cosmetic procedures. The reason is because very fine needles are used for the injections and only 10 injection points are required (5 on each side of the face). Ice packs were used to numb my skin before the injections took place, so as to minimize any discomfort I might feel.

Fast & No Downtime

To my surprise, the entire procedure was over and done with within 5 minutes! That was how fast and fuss-free it was. True enough, there was virtually no pain - The injections felt like ant bites, if anything. It's no wonder this is a popular procedure among the office ladies during lunch time, because there was practically no down-time at all. I was told that I might experience some swelling that resembles pimples in the injection areas, but they were so mild that I didn't really notice them at all.

With one of the highest concentrations of HA in the market (64mg/2cc), the stabilised HA lasts in the skin for about 28 days. Profhilo works because of 2 types of hyaluronic acid: L-HA and H-HA. This hybrid of HA allows hyaluronic acid to be released slowly and lasts longer allowing bioremodeling to take place.It is a procedure that works for me perfectly because it provides the hudration my skin requires, and lift up areas that may have started to sag due to age. I thought Dr Justin was joking when he said that many people are "addicted" to the procedure once they've tried it, but I totally get it now! The whole procedure was so fast and I could see results almost immediately.

Over the next few days, I realised that my skin was indeed a lot more hydrated than before. I didn't wake up with dry skin anymore - In fact, the skin on my face felt elastic and very hydrated. Makeup stayed longer through the day and the skin looked a lot healthier and younger than before. I don't think I've seen my skin this healthy in years! 

Would I recommend Profhilo? I totally would. I've tried and tested it, and I am amazed at how effective it is. Grateful to Dr Justin for making the whole procedure so quick and comfortable for me, and for clearly explaining how Profhilo works and would benefit my skin. The cost of the procedure is $2000 for 2 treatment sessions (each treatment session is 1 syringe of Profhilo- 2ml). And the protocol is 1-3 treatment sessions, spaced out in monthly intervals, depending on your skin condition. If you have any skin concerns at all, or just wish to find out more about Profhilo, do contact Sozo Aesthetic Clinic for a consultation. It might be the skin solution that you have been searching for the longest time.

1 Raffles Place #05-12/13
One Raffles Place (Shopping Mall)
Singapore 048616
6935 1811

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Coolsculpting With Halley Body Slimming Clinic (Final Review!)

I did Coolsculpting at Halley Body Slimming Clinic late last year, and finally went for my final consultation and review last week. You can read all about my experiences and what Coolsculpting entails in my earlier posts:

Frankly, I was a little concerned that I had 'reversed' the effects of the Coolsculpting with my unrestrained feasting over the Chinese New Year period. I had put on some weight, definitely, but my clothes still felt looser at certain parts of the body, so I was looking forward to see the final results. 

Yup, that's me pointing in disbelief at the before and after photos that Dr Terence Tan was showing me. The change was gradual and felt less obvious to me because I see myself everyday in the mirror. But having the comparison photos shown to me from Day 0 till now was a pleasant surprise! What a transformation. =D I'm definitely happy with the results.

As expected, I did put on some weight since my 2nd review, but because I had lost a little at that time, my weight had now just gone back to the original. Dr Terence said it was no cause for concern at all because Coolsculpting is not about weight loss anyway. It is a procedure that helps to sculpt the body shape and my main aim was to get rid of the love handles and get a waist back - Basically a better overall figure and body shape. If I could do that with no weight loss, it would certainly mean that Coolsculpting has been effective and the better body shape was completely due to the procedure and not weight loss. 

So here are the final comparisons between my original body shape and my current one (photos were taken a week ago). Purposely left the markings of my Coolsculpting there on the 'Before' photos, so that you can see where the improvements are supposed to be:

I think the improvements are the most obvious on my abdomen & tummy area. I don't see a bulge anymore and clothes fit much better now. And yes, proud to say that I've gotten my waistline back and I hope to keep it that way! Love handles have also gotten smaller and my back view looks better now, for sure. :)

Thankful for the Coolsculpting journey and experience. 

I feel so much more confident now about my body shape, and it has given me the motivation to keep it that way! If you have been considering giving this procedure a try, give them a call right away and stop sitting on it! Get a consultation done and you can be on your way to a better body shape very soon!

Halley Body Slimming Clinic
277 Orchard Road
orchardgateway #03-16
Singapore 238858
T: 6246 8806 | F: 6246 8807

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Sudio Tolv R Wireless Earphones (Joey's Review!)

It's Joey's 14th birthday soon, and since she loves Kpop and listening to all kinds of music during her free time, I thought the best gift for her this year would be a pair of good quality wireless earphones. Yet, I don't want to over-indulge her as well, so when I came across the Sudio Tolv R, I thought it's the perfect choice. Sudio has always been my preferred choice of wireless earphones, and I rave to everyone about the Sudio Tolv earphones I'm currently using. The Tolv R series is a lower end version, more affordable and thus a great choice for teenagers and young adults!

Chose blue for Joey, cos' it's one of her fav colours. She was elated when she opened the package, of course!

Love it that the earbuds fit snugly into her ear holes. Her first comment upon trying it for the first time? "Oh wow, I cannot hear anything else except my music!" Yup, welcome to the world of noise-canceling earphones, my dear. It's about time. =P

Well, give a teenager wireless earphones with a sleek casing (which is also its charging case), you get one that's decorated to her liking - with pretty washi tapes. They love to customise the looks of their items - I think it's ingenious. 

Brought the kids out to Sentosa during the school holidays and of course, Joey had to bring her new Sudio Tolv R earphones out. Not only are the earphones lightweight and easy to bring out, they look good! Enjoying good music all day err day in the most stylish way!

The Sudio Tolv R comes in 3 pretty colours, and offers a total 22 hours of playtime, and 5.5 hours in a single charge. The casing is also a charging casing and offers up to 3 additional charges! That's perfect for studying, commuting and basically hours & hours of entertainment. What else can I say? My teenager LOVES her first pair of wireless earphones! 

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Women's Day Special

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Friday, February 14, 2020

Bangkok: Lhong Tau Dim Sum Cafe

Bangkok is hardly the best place to go for authentic dim sum, but Lhong Tau cafe in Yaowarat is a good place to visit for those Instagrammable travel moments. Climbing the steps to my booth seats was one of the most exciting dining moments on this trip. =P

Thankfully, when we reached in the mid afternoon, there was not much of a queue. We only had to wait about 10mins for an upper deck booth seat to be available. Totally worth the wait because I wouldn't want to take a normal lower booth seat when I come to this cafe, would I? Take the waiting time to browse through their menu and we decided to go for their dim sum set since it's our first visit, and would like to try a little of everything. Pretty affordable for two pax, I say.

First look at the interior - Cheena - European fusion feels. As you can see, the cafe has upper and lower booth seats, as well as the normal round tables. The cheap thrill is of course climbing up to the upper booth seats and seeing how the servers effortlessly climb up and down with trays of food & drinks in hand.

There are different drawings on the walls and our booth comes with rabbits. A little whimsical and totally irrelevant to dim sum, if I might add.

Chose this tea because of the colour, obviously. Butterfly pea flower tea served in modern tea pot mixed with traditional chinese tea cups and tray. Fusion at its best! 

The dim sum set came in an impressive gigantic bamboo steamer basket - 100 points for presentation!

I wouldn't say these are the best dim sum I've tasted, but they are decent, and there is a fine artisan feel about the whole setup. Every dish of dim sum seems to be carefully handmade, so it made me feel like the 299 baht was totally worth it.

Definitely worth a visit if you are in Bangkok Yaowarat area for the novelty factor. Otherwise, if you are in Pratunum area, you will be happy to know that there is another Lhong Tau outlet inside the newly opened Market shopping mall. The interior looks pretty similar, but when you look out, you'll see a modern shopping mall rather than the old streets of Yaowarat, which is what makes this particular outlet more interesting.

Lhong Tau Dim Sum Cafe
Address: 538 Yaowarat Rd, Khwaeng Samphanthawong
Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100, Thailand

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Apply for Singapore PR Effortlessly

Many of you might not know, but I was not born a Singaporean. I was born in Malaysia and moved to Singapore when I was three years old. I received my citizenship after holding a Permanent Resident (PR) status for many years, together with the rest of my family. Among my non-Singaporean friends, there are some who have not received their PR status after many failed attempts and others who received it after trying for many years. Because of that, I have always had the impression that this PR journey is tedious and difficult, but when I recently got to hear about Paul Immigrations and the services they offer, I was pleasantly surprised that such services exist! If I had known this earlier, I would have recommended them to my friends!

Paul Immigrations is an immigration consultancy firm based in Singapore and because they specialize in helping people apply to be PRs here, they have managed to maintain a high success rate over the years. You will be happy to know that their mission is to be trusted professionals who can help you achieve your dreams in the Lion City. Becoming a Singapore PR is the first step towards obtaining the Singapore citizenship for many people because the citizenship comes with all the wonderful benefits for education, housing, retirement, etc. For a consultancy to be so committed to this cause, you can be assured that you will be making a worthwhile investment.

Now, you may be wondering how they can help you in your PR journey and whether it is necessary to engage their services at all. After reading through their company profile and the value-added services that they provide, my personal feel is that it will certainly make a big difference. The entire process will be made smoother and easier, with lesser heartaches and headaches. Best of all, it will greatly raise your success rate effortlessly (which is the end result that everyone wants). With professional assessment done on your success rate before you decide whether to embark on this journey, you can also avoid unrealistic expectations.

What this consultancy does is to help simplify the entire application process by offering key insights which of course, came out of their many years of experience in this field. This is extremely crucial because the whole process is very tedious and complicated, especially for those of us who may not be as meticulous and detailed by nature. They also help you to organize all your necessary documents for submission via the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority’s (ICA) online portal so that nothing is missed out. With professionals helping you for the process, it becomes totally stress-free and also prevents unfortunate scenarios of your submission being rejected due to incomplete documentation. I think that's pretty awesome!

On top of that, they will also prepare additional documents detailing your qualities and contributions, including a letter of recommendation from your employer, which will set you above the rest of the applicants. With a professionally-drafted cover page for your application as well, it will help to increase your success rate. They are the people who know what works best. Among thousands of applications every year, you want to be confident that yours will stand out from the rest, am I right?

The process they undertake is structured and straightforward. A sales representative will contact you over the phone to assess your PR application eligibility. Thereafter, a profile assessment will be done involving your age, length of stay, salary etc. Once all these basic information has been ascertained, you will be invited for an in-person appointment and you will be briefed on your chances of obtaining a Singapore PR based on your profile. Thereafter, you can decide if you wish to engage their services to assist in your application. Should you decide to engage their services, you will be required to submit all the necessary documents as advised. That's just about all that you would need to do in preparation for your PR application because the consultancy will take over from there to furnish the rest of the paperwork. They can also guide you through the final step when you are ready to submit the application online through a one-on-one appointment. Typically, it takes 4 to 6 months for ICA to assess each PR application. Depending on the outcome of the application, the consultancy will advise on the next best course of action to take.

If you are wondering whether you should engage their services, let me outline a few benefits of you doing so:

Case-Specific Advice

The consultants will be able to study your case and give relevant advice on how to increase your chances of becoming a PR. This will help you to obtain your PR status in the shortest time possible.

Less Time Wastage

Trying to figure out complicated procedures and documentation requirements on your own can be a headache. Getting the professionals to handle that part for you will save you time and unnecessary frustrations. You can then focus your time and energy on other important matters in life.

Personalized Cover Letter

The professional writers will interview you and draft your personalized cover letter based on your background, so that the officers assessing your case will understand you better as a candidate. Again, all for the sake of the best possible outcome.

Paul Immigrations Reviews

Reading through the various reviews given by past clients, I can tell that the services provided by the company are prompt, professional and reliable. Such honest feedback and reviews are useful and give a clear indication of the quality of service provided by them. In fact, they have served more than 15,000 clients so far! That alone speaks volumes.

With such a structured process in place, you can be assured that proper guidance is provided every step of the way to your PR status. Not only will you be able to avoid the hassle of handling everything yourself, you also save on time spent trying to figure out everything on your own. If you are considering applying for the Singapore PR, I suggest you check out Paul Immigrations right away. It will be your best decision yet. :)

Paul Immigrations Pte Ltd
Address: Suntec Tower Two, 9 Temasek Boulevard #13-01/02/03, Singapore 038989
Tel: 6206 6390
(By appointment only)

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Sudio Fem Wireless Earphones (Review & Giveaway!)

It's an open secret that I am a big fan of Sudio earphones. I've used their different models through the years and my current pair of Sudio Tolv is my most favorite one to-date. So, when Sudio contacted me to review their latest model - Sudio Fem, I said 'Yes!' without any hesitation! It was perfect too that my husband was looking around for a new pair of wireless earphones, so I roped him in to do the review this time round, since my Sudio Tolv is still working perfectly for me. :)

There are so many reasons why I love Sudio earphones and why you should totally order a pair for yourself, if you have not done so (I don't know what are you waiting for, though), so just a quick run-through of our user experience so far:

Sleek & Snug

As always, the delivery was fast and this beautiful and sleek box arrived in my house within a few days. I always love unboxing Sudio products - So sleek and pretty, I cannot! I love how everything has a compartment of its own and everything's tucked neatly together. Sudio makes for a perfect gift - The receiver will be so delighted!

The Sudio Fem is available in white, black, pink and blue and seriously, every colour is nice so in the end, I just went for the most classic and timeless black. The Sudio Fem looks pretty similar to my Tolv except that it comes with slightly longish body. The husband loves how snug the earphones fit into his ears and that's saying a lot because he has tried many other brands before and some just don't fit nicely and would fall out easily.

Superior Sound Quality

The sound quality is incomparable - The Sudio Fem comes fitted with 4 environmental noise-canceling microphones, is sweat and rain-proof and weighs just 5.5g per earbud. I watch Korean dramas while travelling on public transport and the sound-canceling feature is perfect for me. In fact, I look forward to catching up on my entertainment experience on-the-go everyday!

Long Play Time & Charging On-The-Go

I've been most impressed with the long play time that Sudio products give. The Sudio Fem provides a total of 20 hours of playtime or 6 hours on each full charge! That means you can literally enjoy your music experience without having to charge them so often! Charging is not even that difficult to begin with. Every pair of Sudio Fem comes with a carrying case, which is also the portable charging port - Just return the earbuds to the case for charging after listening for a period of time, and you get fully-charged earphones on-the-go! That is probably the top reason why I have been using Sudio earphones all these years and will continue to do so. I love hassle-free products because I am such a scatterbrain that I would leave the house with gadgets that I had forgotten to charge. I hope some of you reading this can relate. =X

Free Worldwide Delivery & 
18-Month International Warranty

Yes, you read that right. 'Nuff said. =D

Discount Code

The J Babies' readers will receive a special 15% discount when you quote KLESSFEM upon checkout. 

CNY Promo

Now, if you are thinking of making your purchase soon, don't procrastinate anymore because Sudio is currently running their CNY promotion! From now till 14 Feb 2020, order your earphones from and get a free special edition CNY gift packaging and crossbody pouch! Plus, buy any 2 earphones and get 25% off  (15% from code + additional 10%)!


Sudio has kindly sponsored a pair of Sudio Fem (Worth S$219) to be given away to one reader of The J Babies! Follow the steps in the Rafflecopter and participate now! Giveaway ends on 6 Feb 2359hrs. :)