Monday, January 16, 2006

Big Head?

Today we went to see Dr Chew again. It was a really short checkup, she only scanned Joey's head and took the measurements and said we could leave and from now on, see her every 2 weeks since I am in my final trimester already.

Dr Chew commented that Joey has got a big & round head! I saw her head from the scanner, and it's really very round! haha.. According to her, Joey's head is one week bigger than scheduled according to my EDD, but it's nothing to be concerned about because Asian babies tend to have bigger heads. Makes me bewildered. How come asian babies have bigger heads???

Anyway, from my last visit 3 weeks ago, I put on another 3+ kg, and Joey now weighs 1.25kg, slightly heavier than what Dr Chew projected. But I am barely halfway there yet. When Joey is born, she is likely to be over 3kg, so I still have quite alot more weight to put on in this final trimester. Hmm.. how would I be able to fit into my clothes anymore??


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