Sunday, January 08, 2006

关 以 旋

That's my baby girl's chinese name. really suprised to hear from klessis that she started a blog for 以 旋. as the father of 以 旋, i am definitely going to write something on my baby's blog.

recently, me and kless have been asking 以 旋 for her opinions on certain things. for example, i wanted to go to sentosa and kless is not so keen, so in the end i decided to ask 以 旋 for a final decision. i placed my hand on klessis's tummy and asked 以 旋 to kick once if she feels like going to sentosa too & if she doesn't feel like going, then kick 50 times non-stop. of course in the end 以 旋 agreed to go. haha.... (kless is using the same method to get what she wants too)

anyway, 以 旋 is really having lots of attention even before she is birthed. so fun.

my first blog for 以 旋:

以 旋, papa loves you very much. you will become the 3rd woman in my life that i treasure the most (after mama and your grandmother) when you grow up, remember to love God even more. be a God-fearing person and all your days will be blessed.

why are you named 以 旋? because papa hopes that you can be talented in the musical area, thus 旋 (music is a good tool to train a person to think calmly and also music is a powerful tool to preach the gospel. music is also both quiet and active, just like music can help a person to calm down but music can also stir up the fighting spirit of the soldiers) papa also wants you to be in God's presence all your life, thus 以 (以马内利) so in future, if people ask you why 以 旋, you will be able to answer them with confidence ok?


serene heah said...

hee.... so baby joey has her own blog too!!!

serene heah said...

So let 美婷 ah yi be first to leave down a comment in 旋旋(forgot to ask ur daddy & mommy if i can call u this!!!) 's blog

(hahaha... wonder if you will ever get to read it!!)

So while Joey is still inside a world protected by mummy's tummy, joey must learn to be a sweet sweet gal gal, listen to papa & mama... ok?! Most importantly grow up healthy and strong and in the future serving God in the way God, our heavenly dad has created Joey to be!!

p/s: must never learn from your daddy... always bully ah yi ok?! =P

Isaiah Kuan said...

以旋, never listen to everything this specific ah yee is talking about. she will only lead you astray. altho she is mummy and papa's good friend, but be wise in choosing your friends.

ps. ah yee, i already told her the plans of bullying you together..

Klessis said...

You people not ashamed of fighting openly on Joey's blog! *sigh* Looks like this war will cross generations.....

serene heah said...


Baby Joey ah.... wait til u come out, u know who is the one bullying who ok?! ah yee has "suffered" under the hands of ur daddy for many many years ok?! So next time when ur daddy bullies ah yee, u must stand up for me ok?!

p/s: kless mommy... haizz... this kind of "fighting" most likely won't stop cos Joey's papa is aleady teachin joey to bully me!!! so u must tell baby every now & then to stand up for me!!