Saturday, January 07, 2006

Joey who?

So, how did the name 'Joey' come about?

Frankly speaking, there's no real meaning or reason for the name. Isaiah & I just wanted to choose a name that starts with 'J' because it happens to be the alphabet in-between Isaiah & Klessis. And it so happens that the name just pop into my head one fine day & I asked Isaiah if he liked it. The rest is history. : )

I personally like names which are unisex.. for example shaun, joey.. I think it exudes character. : ) And when we decided on the name, it felt more & more right each time we talk about it. I really hope Joey will like her name.

Her grandma bought her a wooden plaque which carries her name & the meaning of her name.

Joey means 'God is gracious' and it's really the female version of the name Joseph. Like Joseph, I believe Joey will be a woman of God highly favoured by God, and that in the midst of life's difficulties & trials, she will emerge strong and victorious with a heart of compassion & love.