Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Kicking Hard!

Joey has been kicking and moving really vigorously these past few days. So hard that I can feel her constantly. There were even some kicks that were painful because they were just so hard. And she's constantly moving her legs and adjusting her position since it's getting tighter inside. And there were many times when she would straighten her legs & just stick it at one side. When I touch that part of my tummy, it would so hard cos she's sticking her leg there. I guess it's only normal since she is now 30 weeks old in my tummy. In another 8 or 9 weeks, she's be seeing this beautiful world!

I can't wait to see my beautiful daughter! Time really flies so quickly that I almost can't believe it! It's been 7 & a half months now, but it definitely doesn't feel that long. I was telling Dear the other day that I will surely miss the feeling of Joey kicking and moving inside of me after she's born. Kind of got used to that feeling by now. : )

But of course, the plus point is I will be holding her in my arms! It will surely feel very unreal, and I am sure I need some getting used to. I am not sure if I am psychologically prepared that I am a mother, because so far, I only just feel that I have a big tummy, that's all. Haha..

I think I haven't watched a movie in a long time. Today I went to catch a movie with my parents & Dear - the Jet Li movie. It was a great movie, but I was really fidgeting most of the time because the seats were way too small to feel comfortable for me! I really don't know where to leave my tummy & arms! Cos i can't really cross my arms now as the tummy is in the way, so the only way is to leave them by my side, but I would be trespassing into other people's seat space. So, it's really quite uncomfortable!

2 more months... just 2 more months....


serene heah said...

looks like joey must be getting bored in the small constraint space and tell mummy that she wants to come out earlier!! hee...

can't wait to see joey too!!

aliscia said...

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