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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Adorable Toys

Joey received many cute cute & adorable toys from many uncles & aunties. Even I was thrilled by how cute they are. Among them, I found a particular brand of toys which were most colourful and cute. I simply love the colours! COLORIA toys!

From top left clockwise: The flower is a musical toy where a happy tune will play when you pull the flowerpot downwards. The gym mat is a cute one complete with mirrors and rattles to occupy joey's attention while mummy is reading. The octopus is my personal fav! It's a toy to teach joey how to dress herself. See the shoelace on one of the 'legs' and the zip on the other? Joey can practise here first! The last one is a stacking rings game which trains joey's tightening & release of grip when she's older.

Here's some more cute cute stuffs joey's got. The hippo soft shoes, the elephant rattle and the bear bear neck support. They're so colourful that it brightens my mood just looking at them! Joey doesn't know how to appreciate them yet though.. haha..

I was very touched when I received a long distance call from Estee in the next morning after I gave birth. It was such a pleasant surprise and totally unexpected! It's great to have a friend and sister who cares so much. I gave birth on Sat wee hours in the morning, and Estee told me she already mailed out her present for Joey the Monday before, in anticipation of Joey's arrival! Oh man... Look at the cute toy she sent over! It's a bear bear who transforms into a koala bear with its ear hood! Look like the big feet! Joey also has big feet! hee...

Thank you Estee! :)