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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Latest Playthings!

There are new additions to Joey's collection of toys & entertainment. Sis Yah Lan recently gave birth to baby Enya, and because she was given an extra set of mobiles, she gave us one of the sets. The mobile is for mounting onto the cot, and comes with 5-minute Mozart music. Look! So adorable!

What's more.. with the playing of the music, the mobile will turn & rotate along with it. I am sure Joey will be so thrilled by her new cot companion of fishes, seahorse and octopus! And maybe mummy Klessis can get some work done while she entertains herself. Wahaha...

Mum also bought Joey her first set of story books - Winnie The Pooh Story Collection! There are 3 very lovely books which Joey will not be able to read now, so mummy Klessis will read first. Maybe I can start reading her bedtime stories when she's 1 year old. Hee.. Look! It's so nice, the pictures!