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Saturday, April 01, 2006

One Last Look

As I was packing my table yesterday before I left the office, I wondered to myself if it was the last time I will see my table before I go on my three-month leave. Everything will depend on what Dr Chew says on Monday when I go for my check-up again. She might ask me to be admitted immediately, or maybe she feels still can wait. Well, we'll see.

Today whole day I've been having contractions. In the morning, Dear Dear timed for me and it's about 15 minutes apart only, which is considered quite frequent. But as the day pulls on, it started to be further apart. The pain is not just in my tummy, but all the way to the back. But it's not really a bad pain, just a nagging mild pain. Will see how tonight. But usually when I sleep, I don't get disturbed by the pain, and I sleep rather well. So, I can't really imagine waking up in the middle of the night with a bad pain and having to rush to the hospital. But that actually feels alot more exciting. hee.. we'll see, we'll see...

it's coming to the tail end now, so it really can't be that long now. : )

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