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Saturday, December 09, 2006

By My Bedside

Joey sleeps on a mattress on the floor next to my bed now, because we cannot put her in the tiny cot anymore. She will just climb out of it within 5 seconds of putting her in. The larger cot we have is in the living room and our bedroom door is too small to move the cot in unless we take it all apart. So, ultimate solution is to let her sleep on a mattress.

This is a common sight nowadays. Joey will grab my bedsheet and climb up and stand by my bedside. If my TV is on, she will stand there and watch TV. Haha.. no joke! And she doesn't get tired leh, she will just stand there for very long until I carry her and put her back onto her mattress again. Then she will climb yet again. This goes on until she gets tired finally and I will pat her to sleep.

Watching TV..

Say 'HELLO!', baby...

See, that's her pink mattress next to my bed...

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