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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Day With Joey

Joey is down with fever and cold, but she has more energy than me. I wonder who's the sick one here.

But she so poor thing. Cos her nose is so stuck, she cries almost all the time and whines and whines and whines. I have to take at least 30 mins to pat her and carry her to make her fall asleep, only to have her wake up about 20 mins later. The 30 mins spent is so not worth it. Haiz..

ok, before I get labelled a whining queen, here's the usual dosage of Joey's cuteness!

Sorry that she looks so ah-soh this morning when I brought her out to get breakfast. I was worried she catch a chill, so I wrapped a towel around her shoulders. Wahahaha...

Back at home.. you see how the mood of a baby changes over a matter of seconds.

At first: All cheerful and happy. NOW, don't blink!

hahaha.. there you go.