Monday, July 31, 2006

Habits Die Hard

Babies pick up habits really fast. But it's hard to get them to quit one. My Joey has picked up a bad habit recently. She wants to be carried ALL THE TIME!

I thought I have trained her well in this area. In fact, she has been very obedient in the first 3 months. We can let her lie in her cot and she'll entertain herself by staring and smiling at the ceiling. But I think there were 2 days last week when she was at home and all of us (me, my mum in law and joey's uncle david) took turns to carry her and play with her, so she learnt that lying down on the cot is no longer fun. She will now cry and fuss immediately when we lay her down anywhere, and she will whine and whine until we pick her up again. The moment we carry her, she'll smile and hop.. Oh man, headache ah!!!

I wonder why does God make babies so smart? They know they can get their way by whining. sigh... naughty joey.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday . Baby Fats

Today is Sunday so we went to church. Joey is wearing a new yellow romper, a gift from Godmother Meiting, all the way from Hongkong Disney! It's very cute nei..

Here's joey doing a heads-up act:

As usual, every Sunday is usually Grandpa-Grandma Day. So after service, my dad picked us up from Expo and we headed to Pasir Ris. Joey has changed to her sporty sleeveless pong-pong cheerleader dress! Hmm... Joey looks really excited to see the camera.. :)

Aiyo, how ah.. my daddy says that joey is too fat and I should cut down on her diet. But, babies are supposed to be chubby mah... Joey's not exactly fat yet, I hope?! Yes, very chubby, but should be ok right??

Actually whether a baby's chubby or not is determined during the pregnancy, I think. Cos I have friends around me with chubby babies whether they are breast-fed or formula-fed, so I should think Joey's not chubby because of her formula diet. Maybe I ate too much during my pregnancy??? Hmmm..

In any case, I shall make it a goal not to let Joey enter the TAF club when she enters primary school. If she still doesn't shed her baby fats by kindergarten time, I shall put her on a dieting programme. *determined*

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Bright Orange Tee

Joey in her orange smiley face tee given to her by Auntie Sabie from Taiwan!

It's a Juggling Game

Juggling between motherhood and work is really not easy. Taking care of babies requires alot of time and babies need constant attention.

In my 3 and half months of motherhood, I have found myself torn between different tasks at many points. Joey may be fussing and wanting someone to carry her, but I need to rush some work that is already way past the deadline, and at the same time try to finish what I promised Pst to do. Of course, babies do not have much patience (if any at all), so most of the time, I attend to joey first. Then mad rush through what I need to do.

It's great of course when there's someone else who can take care of joey while I am busy doing work at home. Sometimes my mother in law, sometimes Isaiah. At least I can focus on the work at hand and be more efficient. Otherwise, it's alot of multi-tasking and concentrating on many things at the same time, and moving back and forth between my laptop and Joey's cot. The nature of my work is pretty adhoc and alot of times, require me to work when I am home. So, it's really a challenge of juggling between many tasks at one go.

Sometimes I feel frustrated that I have to literally tear myself away from my work when I am focusing hard on it, so that I can attend to joey. But I also thank God that it has made me stronger. My stress tolerance level has definitely increased because of that.

Joey is still small now and feeds only on milk. When the time comes for her to start on soft food and other solids, it's a whole new ball game altogether. I would have to set aside some time in the morning to prepare her porridge and cereals. It's no longer just packing the milk powder into the container and ensuring I brought my bottles and hot water along. But I am sure I would be able to do it.

I have a role model that I always take encouragement from. She's my colleague, Dawn. She has a coming-to-3-year-old daughter named Denise and like me, she brought Denise to work everyday in her front carrier until she was old enough to go to school recently. I always tell myself that if Dawn can handle everything without a maid and a car, I can too. :) There is some motivation that someone else has also done it, so it's not impossible.

Motherhood is really not easy. When I am tired, I cannot just plop down onto my bed and sleep. When I am exhausted, I cannot take my own sweet time and bathe for 30 minutes. When I am moody and don't feel like talking, I cannot just ignore my crying baby. But so far, the sweetness in motherhood has pushed me along and helped me to overlook all the sacrifices I have to make.

I think God is a good God. He puts in the right balance of sweetness and bitterness into our lives so that we can continue to run. :)

Friday, July 28, 2006

Injection Day!

It's the day for Joey's 2nd injection. I have been praying and hoping that Joey will recover from her slight cold cos I have delayed her injection for half a month now because she was sick earlier on. So when she caught a small chill 2 days ago, I dare not bring her to office yesterday for fear of aggravating it and have to delay the injection yet again. This morning she woke up fine cos last night didn't sleep in aircon room, but towards 10am, she slightly to have flowy mucus again. But still, I brought her to Dr Jane, hoping that she would give the go ahead for the injection. Thank God Dr Jane said her condition is quite ok, and can be injected!

And I tell you! My daughter is so brave today! She did not cry like the previous time when the needle went into her thigh. But I think she was caught by surprise again when the sharp sensation happened that she went 'err...' then made some grumbling sounds that vaguely conveyed the message, 'aiya.. why like that..?' That was all. Good brave Joey.

Joey's latest weight now is 7.5kg, which is approximately 16 pounds. Oh man, she is heavy. And Dr Jane commented that her reflexes are good. When she held an elmo toy infront of her just now, her eyes were able to follow the movement of Elmo very swiftly from right to left and to the top. Very good.

I took a funny photo of Joey just now in the clinic while waiting to make payment. hee hee

Teething Already???

I also don't want to believe it, but it seems that Joey is starting to teeth! That's really fast considering she is only 3 months old. And my mother in law says it's always better to teeth as late as possible so that we don't have to worry about taking care of her teeth so early.

But sigh.... nowadays, she's always chewing on her hand. Yes, I really mean hand, and not finger or thumb, because she stuffs the ENTIRE hand into her mouth. With much force. So it's obvious that her gums are really very itchy and uncomfortable. And during feeding time now, she will drink for 5 seconds then rub her gums on the pacifier for the next 5 secs then resume drinking again. Sometimes in the midst of feeding, she would even want to stuff her hand in. Imagine how itchy are her gums??

And my friends who have met Joey recently would testify too that her saliva has increased. She's drooling so much that everyone who carries her would genna some without fail. I would like to think of it as joey's gift to you. Haha.. though I am sure many of my friends do not think the same way as me and would regret wanting to carry her in the first place.

But of course, the teeth won't come out just yet. This process usually takes a few months starting from the time the gum itches. I wonder when will I see that first ivory appearing?? Maybe I should start shopping for nice Hello Kitty toothbrushes for babies... hmm..

The Great BabySitter

This is Auntie Lee Eng, who takes care of Joey in the office nursery. Auntie has been a babysitter for over 10 years before she went for SOT. Then she joined the church as a nursery staff. It's great to have someone with lots of experience taking care of Joey! Joey likes Auntie very much! :)

My Independent Gal

I know it's weird to say that my gal is independent when she is obviously still very dependent & sticky for attention now. But I really feel so because she is developing skills to the road of independence.

You know what?? She's learning how to hold her own milk bottle while feeding! Haha.. I tink I will be so happy when the day comes for her to hold her own bottle. Then I can just throw her on a mattress (err... i don't really mean throw lah.. U get what I mean..) and she can feed herself while i watch TV! Wahaha..

But of course, that day has not arrived yet. She is still in the process of learning how to control her fingers. She can clench tightly but she cannot hold on yet. But she has been practising every feeding time so I am sure she will be able to do it in no time at all. It's funny, but she'd automatically bring her hands to hold the bottle whenever I stick the bottle into her mouth.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Auntie Estee!

Wahaha... joey managed to take a photo with Auntie Estee when she is in singapore before she flies back to melbourne again!

We're waiting for you to come back, estee! :)

Monday, July 24, 2006

Stroke my hair, pls..

Joey loves to have her hair stroked. I think it's a girl thing, because I also like people to stroke my hair. And when I say 'people', I mean my husband, not anybody else. So, please don't attempt to stroke my hair the next time you see me, thinking that I would appreciate it, cos I won't. I might even box you. Pervert.

Back to my point. Sleeping is no longer a natural thing for Joey nowadays. Now that she has a greater awareness of her environment, she will always want to look and play even when she is super tired. She would push her body and lift her head real high to look around and then whine and cry when her arms get too tired of lifting her 7kg body. But she just won't give it up. I got to keep pushing her head down and stuffing her pacifier into her mouth to make her want to sleep. Stroking her hair always help because she feels comfortable and loved that way. And most of the time, I got to multi-task. Keeping the pacifier stuffed inside her mouth, patting her back and stroking her hair, at the same time, mumble things like "joey is a good gal, mummy loves you.. oin oin loh.."

Today is Monday, which means I get to spend the whole day at home with Joey. And whole day at home with Joey means it's an endless cycle of milk feeding diaper changing, water feeding and then patting to sleep. Approximately 2 hours later, the same cycle happens. In betwee, she refuses to sleep, so I spend some time playing with her. Regardless of whether she sleeps, it's feeding time 2 hours later. It's tiring, I must say. And time flies when you go through cycles like that. But I really enjoy taking care of Joey nowadays because she can respond to me now. And most of the time when she is awake, we spend our time talking to each other, even though she can't understand me and vice versa.

I tried to take photos of her today but she's just fidgeting so much that I can't get many decent shots. Here's some:

Don't you agree that my girl is looking more girly nowadays?? Someone recently told me that she definitely got the face of a girl, and whoever says she looks like a boy really don't know how to see. I am so thrilled by that comment that I was determined to make that person my best friend. Even though I seriously can't remember who said it now. wahaha..

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Her Hair

Since Joey has such thick hair, it would be a pity if we don't decorate her hair a little. However it's a pity her hair are still standing up even after 3 months. Many people have asked me whether I've ever cut her hair. Nope, I have never cut her hair, so what you see now is what was with her right inside the womb. My mother in law tells me that at the 3-month point, both mummy and baby will shed hair due to hormonal changes, so I am waiting for her to pass that phase before trimming her hair. Some babies shed so much that they will have bald patches on their heads. I really pray that Joey won't have such a fate.

So we have been buying some hairclips so that we can try to clip her hair down. It's been really tough because her hair is so tiny and soft, that the hairclips can't really capture them. Most of the time, the clip is just hanging on a few strands of hair and acts like a decoration than serve any real purpose.

Here's some clips that Joey owns at the moment. I promise the collection will grow.

And a close-up will show you my favorite pieces.. :)

A Screaming Babe

I wonder who taught her how to scream?? Her screams are so high-pitched and sharp, I think nobody would dare to quarrel with her in future. Hehe.. Screaming is something she does now to catch people's attention. Keep watching and you will see the most classic part of this video. Notice her expression when Mashi Maro comes into the picture (orchestrated by her mummy of course), and see how her little hand pushes it away, only to continue her screaming. Haha... I couldn't stop laughing at her expressions!

Friday, July 21, 2006

The Result of Front-Carrying

Bringing Joey to work in the front carrier is indeed the most convenient way of transporting her to work every morning. However it has also taken a toil on my back. Seriously, I am worried about getting a slip disc because the pain has gotten really bad today that I could feel the sharp pain in my spine.

Joey is about 7kg now. And with my laptop and big bag full of her stuffs and my stuffs, I am not surprised that I am carrying 8-9kg of stuffs on me everyday. My poor back and shoulders. I think I must really expedite my search for a trolley bag. I am looking for a laptop bag on wheels basically, and I am thinking of putting all my stuffs into it so that i only need to carry joey on me and the rest i just need to drag along. I seriously think it will do some service to my back. The truth is, I am short enough. If I get a hunchback somemore, i may just reach up to Isaiah's waist. sigh..

I am so happy that Joey has finally reached the age where she can be distracted by something. How funny is that?? But it's true, because it means I can successfully keep her occupied for at least 5 minutes with something that makes music, moves or is colourful. Better than the stage where she can only be pacified by being carried.

And the sounds she's making nowadays are really funny. She would usually make a 'grumbling' sound when she is impatient. It's no longer all crying now. She would grumble and make the kind of sounds that go 'ehhhhhhhh...' or she would yawn and she will drag her yawning to 'ahhhhhhhhnnn...'. It is quite rude, I know, to yawn so loudly.. but i shall have to educate her only when she can understand what I am scolding her for. And when I chide her for making so much noise, she would smile and look embarrassed. The amount of expressions on her face are just so amazing.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Her Name is Yixuan

Do you know that it's very important what names we give to our children? Because there is tremendous power in every name. God revealed His many names to us in the bible simply because His names reveal who He is. Jehovah Jireh-our Provider. Jehovah Rophe-our Healer.

When we gave Joey her chinese name, we wanted it to represent which direction we hope she can move towards. The 'xuan' in her chinese name means 'music/melody'. We had prayed that God will use her mightily in the area of praise & worship and in the music arena.

So it seems that I am noticing that she indeed demonstrates a love for music and lovely sounds. Some evidences to prove my point:

For a start, we have been playing Hillsongs, classical music, chinese worship songs and even Richard Clayderman the whole day, so she is surrounded by music when she's sleeping, feeding or awake. She would fall asleep really fast when we play the Hillsongs CD to her, even if it's a loud and rowdy praise song.

Not too long ago, after she has learnt how to smile, I would sing into her face during service worship time in the nursery and she would smile and smile. Well, it's definitely not because my voice is nice. It's because she simply loves music.

There is a fav chair in the office nursery that Joey loves to sit on because it plays music. She would gaze in amazement at the hanging toys infront of her eyes, and when the music changes to the next song, she will grin and be really excited that she kicks her legs and swings her hands! There's another chair without music and she would start fussing after 5 mins!

There is also a super cute Barney toy in the nursery which will shake its butt left and right to a really funny music. It never fails to entertain Joey. She would stare and stare at Barney and try to talk to it. Even I am tickled by it! Haha...

So you see, there is great power in the name that you give your kids. Make sure you give them something good & don't be haphazard about it! =P

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Grabber

This morning on the MRT ride to office, joey was in a grabbing mood. Soooooooo embarrassing. sigh..

There is this man who is sitting next to us, and joey's hand kept going over to touch his shoulders! And the man got to turn over and politely smile at joey. (You know right? Even if they don't really like kids, they still do it because they feel it's politically correct to do so.) And I got to grab her hand back and look apologetically to the man. Within 3 secs, her hand will slowly drift to the man's shoulder again! And it happened over & over again!

And you know what's the most embarrassing part? Joey will occassionally put her fist into her mouth to suckle. When she gets sian of that action, she will reach out to touch that man's shoulder......... with a fist wet with saliva!!!! Oh my.. I am so sorry to that man. He probably got to live with saliva-smelling shoulders for the rest of his day.

But she so poor thing lah. Imagine that you are put into this carrier, strapped tightly on both sides and you are hanging in mid air infront of your mummy's body. And your head can't turn to face front. It's got to be left side or right side all the time. She must be so bored with it that she decided to entertain herself by grabbing something.

Well, at least she is getting a realisation that her hands are hers, finally! That is why she is starting to grab things with her own hands. At least that's a consolation? :)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Laughing Finally!

I have to blog this! I have to blog this! I have to blog this!

Joey has finally LAUGHED! wahahahaa..

And I am not trying to be overexcited about it, because frankly speaking, to see my baby smile sweetly and not see her laugh heartily are two different matters altogether.

Ever since joey learnt how to smile genuinely (that will hint to you that there were times when she smiled simply because it's a reflex caused by gas in her stomach. I'm not kidding! That's what books say!), my heart always warms up when she smiles. But I also wonder if she is smiling because she is really happy, or she is just imitating what I am doing to her, or she is returning the favor. So, I have been looking forward to the day when she will finally laugh, because that would mean she's really happy.

So just now after feeding her milk, I brought her into her cot in my bedroom to play. She was in a superb mood. Balancing on her stomach, she was pushing her head real high. Then she started to laugh! The more I call her name, the more she laughed! I got so excited that I immediately went to ask Dear Dear to come in to see. And she laughed and laughed.. hahaha.. really very funny! We were both very amused by her laughs!!!

After saying so much, do you know what is the difference between a smile and a laugh??? Laughing means she will go 'hehehehe..' and not just a grin with no sound. Get it??!

I am happy and excited because it shows that my daughter is happy!~ And nothing beats the joy of knowing that my little one is blessed and happy. :)

Oh God, i pray that joey will be a happy gal all her life. Amen!


Monday, July 17, 2006

Milestone Moment!

It's another milestone moment in Joey's life! She has finally succeeded in flipping herself over from a face down position to a back lying position! She's still not too good at it yet, but at least she can push herself so high up that she flips over. heee.. Before long, she'd be able to master the art of flipping the other way. So I got to watch her very carefully now! yey yey.. this calls for a celebration! (Joey's daddy: The celebration can come in the form of a new bag or new pair of shoes for Joey's mummy. :P)

Saturday, July 15, 2006


OK, due to the misconception of the masses and spurred on by xiaowei's comment on my previous entry, I think it's necessary to do some clarification here. Even though I have done the same explanation many times over to those who simply refused to accept the truth. Remember: The TRUTH shall set you free.

So why do I insist that joey calls every friend of mine 'auntie' or 'uncle'?

You may have many excuses to bail yourself out of this. Like ziwei always tells me, "I am not yet married, so I am gor gor."

Married or not, you will be auntie or uncle. Period.

The reason is very simple. Do you call your mother's friends gor gor or jie jie? Of course not! You call them auntie or uncle RIGHT??

See.. it's really as simple as that.

So who are the jie jie and gor gor?? Denise (Dawn's 2 yr-old daughter).... Ethan (Pst Derek's 3 yrs old son), Dayan (Pst Kong & Sun's son).. Do you fall into the same category as them, excuse me?

I hope I have cleared all misconceptions in your minds. The truth shall set you free. And you shall be free indeed. :)

Joey's mama

Shopping Day!

Today we had a great time shopping...... for Dear Dear's things! Isaiah needs to buy a new pair of leather shoes and belt, so we decided to take the free Ikea bus from Yishun to.... Queenway Shopping Centre!! Haha.. but to pay back Ikea for their kindness, we did have lunch there. And we spent so much, ok?!

Anyway, joey was such a darling today. She did not fuss or make noise, just accompanied us to go shopping in the front carrier. She even fell asleep while Isaiah was carrying her towards the end!

She wore a new red romper today which is super cheena. The kind you would wear during Chinese New Year. Hee.. And it's got 2 chinese knots on the left shoulder, so she looks really like a china gal in it!

I am very happy with her hair today. As you can see, it's not standing up as usual, but alittle more tame. Got to do with the fact that I made her wear a cap. Haha.. With her hair down, she looks more like a boy though. With her hair all standing up, she can at least pass off as a punky hiphop girl. Hehe..

Oh by the way, Ling & Lian: If you are reading, this cheena red romper was bought with the Kiddy Palace vouchers you all gave me. :)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Stars, Moon, Doggie & Bear

As Joey grows bigger, she is starting to develop liking for colourful motifs and toys. So now whenever she sees her bear bear soft toy or doggie, she will be super alert and will smile sillily at them. Sometimes she will talk to them in a language only she can comprehend. So much so that when we want to put her to sleep, we got to take all the toys away so that she will not be distracted.

I have resorted to calling the toys 'her friends'. So when it's time to play, i will bring her doggie, Mashimaro and bears to her and say, 'joey, your friends are here...' hahaha.. I am amazed at my own childishness.. but i guess our kids bring out the child in us.

It's really funny watching her. She would see the moon and stars on her blanket and start to smile really sweetly at them. Even though they don't move! And I don't even think they are cute at all. And not to mention her favorite mashimaro and doggie She adores them so much that she will smile and smile at them... I don't even think she smiles as much to people, that silly gal..

In the office nursery where she spends most of her time in, there is this 45-degree inclined chair which she always sits when she's not sleeping. There are 3 hanging bears that are hung right infront of her eyes when she's in the chair. Whenever she sees the bears, she will hit them really hard with her fists! Oh man, I was wondering where she got her violent streak from! She seems quite amused that the bears will rock back and forth and turn upside down when she hits them. But when she's in a conversational mood, she would choose to talk to them instead. The auntie in the nursery even told me softly the other day, she has not seen other babies do that before. I mean, the hitting-the-bears part. Sigh..

Thursday, July 13, 2006

"Because You're the Mama"

I have always wondered why Joey seems to be fine playing with some people one minute and the next minute when she sees me, she will start to pout and cry. 'Do I look so scary??' I always think to myself. Haha..

Then yesterday in the office nursery when I went in to feed joey her medication, the same thing happened. Joey was fine when auntie was carrying her. But when I carried her and looked at her in the eye, she took one moment to stare at me and upon recognising me, she started to pout and make noise. Auntie then made a comment.. "Because you're the mama lah.."

Suddenly I realised. It's precisely because she recognises me that she behaved in that way. She knows that I am someone who loves and cares for her, and that if she makes some noise, I will let her get her way. Even for someone as young as her, she already knows her exclusive right to her mama and that she has a certain influence over me. Like how I would run over to her cot the moment she starts crying. And how I would carry her and rock her to sleep when she refuses to stay put in the cot. How interesting. :)

Then I started to think about my own mama. The way I treat her is very different from the way I treat my mother in law. Because even though I am close to my mother in law as well, she is afterall not my real mother. With my own mum, I can talk loudly, talk back to her (=P) and tell her to stop it when she nags. Not with my mother in law of course. And I realised it's got to do with the simple fact that SHE IS MY MAMA. I know she will never blame me or remember the bad things I've done. She will always accept me, weaknesses included, and she will always have my best interests at heart. My mother in law loves me very much too of course, but it is just different.

With that, I have a better understanding how Joey knows she can always get her way with me because I have a soft spot for her. It's like that for all mothers, i guess? :)

That is why people always say when mothers whack their kids, the pain is in their hearts. Haha... What was that? Spare the rod and spoil the child?? Hmm.. I shall know in future...

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

One Sunday At Church

This was a Sunday when Lian joined me for service and we met up with Ling after church. It should be the first time proper that they are meeting Joey so we took many photos together!

Here's Ling with Joey. Aiyah.. joey never looked at the camera..

Lian took more photos with joey... :) Lucky Lian, joey looked straight at the camera every time..

Of course, how can we forget Mummy Kless???

Feeding Joey her milk!

I wonder why Lian looks so miserable... maybe she wants to drink joey's milk?? hmm.. but joey doesn't look too willing....

Close-up pictures of Joey. My darling is simply ADORABLE!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

A 3 Month Old

Time really flies by so quickly. Joey is already 3 months old! Yet, if you ask me whether it felt like I gave birth only 3 months ago, definitely not! It felt like ages ago for me now..
It's getting more and more fun playing with joey nowadays because she's been grinning and smiling alot, alot. And she's starting to laugh instead of just smiling, so there's a giggle sound sometimes. Really cute!

And these few days, we've noticed her trying to tilt her body towards the side.. which is a sign that she will flip soon. So got to really watch her carefully now and cannot leave her alone. I still remember there was one day in office when I left joey lying on one of the tables while I pack my bag a few steps away. It created quite an uproar among my colleagues around me that I actually left her lying on a table because she could just roll and fall down from the table! I still remember Dawn's horrified face. Haha.. Now, cannot le. Really must watch her every minute, because one of these days might be the first time she flips. :)

It's really amazing how babies learn things on their own. God has programmed within them the procedures required for them to take before they will finally be able to walk. There's another set of procedures for learning to talk as well. So, it's really fun watching joey do it step by step. God is really a creative God.

Joey's recognising colours and patterns alot more now. She can lie in her cot watching a colourful soft toy dog and grin to herself. She will reach out to touch the dog, but because she can't really control her hands yet, she will hit the dog so hard that it gets knocked out of her sight. Then she will start crying to let me know it's time to put the dog back in its original place.

She has been attempting to touch my face too. When I carry her, she will stare deep into my face and reach out to touch me. She will touch my nose and mouth and then smile to herself and make some uncomprehendable sounds that goes 'ohhh'.

She loves to watch TV too. If I just need 15 minutes to do something, all I need to do is to switch on the TV and she will be quietly watching it without making a single noise. I guess it's all the motions and colours that attracts her. Isaiah was telling me that she was behaving really well watching a variety programme but the moment the news came on, she started to cry! I think it's too boring for her seeing a man or woman sitting in the TV without much expression on their faces. Haha..

Friday, July 07, 2006

Joey on a Friday

Today is Friday and also my off day. We brought Joey back to Dr Yip for her follow up treatment. Thank God for a good report. Dr Yip said that she has improved quite abit, but the nabiliser still got to be continued until Monday and the medication must continue until she is fully recovered.

For those of you who do not know what a nabiliser is, here is the machine used in the process. We need to borrow the machine from Dr Yip and buy our own face mask and tubings.

There are 2 kinds of liquids that needs to be poured into a tube and the tube is connected to a face mask and a tubing linked to the machine. What the machine does is it converts the liquids into vapours so that when Joey sniffs them in, it goes right to the lungs to get rid of the phlehm. It's supposed to work faster than taking oral medication.

Here's joey sitting in the carseat like a model while 3 mad people (namely her mother, father and grandmother) frantically took photos of her. :) She's wearing a pink sleeveless dress over a long sleeved romper because it's just too cold at the hospital and she's still recovering from flu.

My Cute Darling

I haven't been posting new photographs of Joey for quite some time. Here are some of her cute cute shots! I smile everytime I see them.... :)

On the bed, trying to crawl towards the camera.... but of course, she can't crawl yet..

Lying on her bed and posing for the camera..

Here she is, happy in her Bambo chair..

See the pink clip on her head?? Hee... it serves more like a decoration than pinning down the hair, because as you can see, the hair is really having a temperament of its own.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

So Poor Thing...

My darling has been sick for a few days. So poor thing, she's still so small and young, and yet she got to take medicines and use the nabiliser every 4 hours.

It's causing such a heart pain when we administer the nabiliser for her because almost immediately, she will look sedated. At the beginning, I thought it could be because the vapours relieved her stuffy nose so she felt very comfortable. But now, I am beginning to think it's because of the medicinal effect, that's why she is sedated and goggy.

But still, thank God so much because we brought her to the doctor after she started coughing for 2 days, therefore her condition is not so serious that she needs to be hospitalised. Because she is alittle chesty, the nabiliser will help to clear the phlepm (can never figure out how to spell this!). Phlepm needs to be cleared because viruses grow & cultivate in them.

Her cough has subsided quite alot these 2 days. Last night she totally didn't cough and I just called home to ask my mother in law who told me that she has not coughed since morning too! Praise the Lord. Now just wait for her cold to subside.

We brought Joey to see this really good doc at Gleneagles called Dr YY Yip. Many of our church staff see him for their kids as well. He is a renowned paediatrist in Singapore and we're comfortable seeing him. Joey seems to like him too because she smiled at him while he was examining her. Anyway, Dr Yip did tell us that infant coughs usually take 14 days to clear and they often peak on the 5th and 6th day. So thank God for His supernatural healing.

But Joey is such a great kid. Despite the discomfort, blocked nose and all the coughing, she did not make that much a fuss. Unlike most kids who will whine and cry, she did not cry much, but only wanted to be carried when she is awake. Like what Bro Fei said, she is such a resilient child.

Thank you for all your prayers & concern, guys. :)

God, complete healing in Jesus' Name!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Please Pray..

My little darling is down with cold and cough. Please keep her in your prayers!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Her New Playpen

Today we cleaned up a corner in our living room and transformed it into Joey's little playpen. It's a cosy corner and within our sight, so we're really happy with it!

That's her playing with her gym butterfly!

And we decided to let her try the Bambo chair today. She looks so cute in it! hahaha... My mother in law and I were snapping photos away while she looked really miserable in it. I guess it restricts her movements and she feels trapped in it! haha..

Oh, that blue cap that she's wearing was bought by my mother in law. Though it's quite boyish, it's actually for gals.. I guess got to let her wear really pinkish when she wearing that cap.. otherwise...

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