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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ang Pow Harvest

This is the 1st year that Joey is receiving ang pows. She likes red colour, so she's exceptionally happy too when uncles & aunties keep giving her red packets. She would immediately take it over from them & give them a sweet smile. Haha.. Only her mama knows that she's thinking of how to put them into her mouth.

I love the design of the red packets given out by my church this year. I used them when giving out my ang pows this year.

We opened a bank account for Joey some time back, cos we want to start saving up for her education. POSB has got a young savers scheme where parents can jointly open an account with their kids and once they reach 12 years old, it would be transferred to their own personal account. During these 12 years, only the parents can withdraw money by queueing up at the bank. I think they want to make it inconvenient for parents to withdraw the money so that they can really save up.

Joey's ang pows consist of Singapore dollars & Malaysian ringgit. Quite a decent amount, I would say. Hehe.. The biggest amounts come from her grandparents. But of course, since it's their first year blessing their grand daughter. :)

While I was in KL, Joey's uncle bought her this piggy bank since it's the year of the pig. It's also a good chance to start putting in loose change so that we can bank it all in at the end of each year. That's what my dad used to do when I was younger. Can come up to at least $500 each year and it'll be equally divided between my brother & I. I think it's such a good bonus. :)