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Sunday, February 18, 2007

@ Chinatown

Call us crazy, but yes, we actually brought Joey to Chinatown tonight. I was kind of reluctant at first cos the crowd is really very horrendous and Joey will be all drenched in sweat. But my MIL, BIL and dear hubby were so excited on the spur of the moment that we went anyway. Turned out to be quite enjoyable cos the atmosphere of CNY was really filling the air of Chinatown!

Got to take turns to carry Joey the whole trip cos we could not imagine going through the crowds with her big stroller. Joey was so intrigued by all the bright red and yellow lights everywhere!

Everywhere in the New Year market, there're people shouting for sales & lots of people buying the goodies.. It really builds up the great CNY atmosphere very well..

Everywhere in the market, there're stalls selling pig toys cos it's the Year of the Pig! We also bought a piglet soft toy for Joey to commemorate her 1st Lunar New Year!

Of course, we got to take photos together with our darling Joey as it's our first CNY together!

Happy New Year to Everyone! =)