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Sunday, February 25, 2007

A New Talent??!

I got complimented twice this week alone for something very special. Bet you 500 lunches you can't guess it. Try guessing anyway!

Time's up!

I got complimented for my SPEED IN CHANGING JOEY'S DIAPERS!

kekeke.. this calls for a celebration!

Seriously, I never thought I was fast. But to have 2 different people saying the same thing about me in the same week?? That's got to be common grace speaking to me, man!


I think I got the special talent because of my beloved daughter's personality. She NEVER stays still when I am changing her diapers, clothes, or anything at all. And I really mean NEVER. Promise, no exaggeration. Not only that, she will fidget & turn all the way to the front & start crawling, climbing, whatever you have.

Therefore, whenever I change her diapers, I got to do it at lightning speed so as to get it done before she crawls away yet again.

Dunno whether to laugh or cry at this newly discovered talent.

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