Thursday, August 09, 2007

My National Day

Isaiah went for a soccer match early this National Day morning, and so I was left at home with Joey with no programme. And so, feeling very hungry, I decided to cook myself my favorite pasta - Sausage Aglio Olio!

Loved this dish, cos it's easy to prepare, easy & quick to cook and very nice to eat! Heee... Felt happy eating my little lunch.

Joey was of course having fun playing on her own. :)

She is really very tomboyish. She can rock back & forth so hard that it looks like it may topple & overturn anytime! Scary watching her...

Then my mama called & told me she's making my favourite ban mian! My mama's homemade ban mian is really nice with lots of ingredients & QQ noodles!

In my dad's car when he came to fetch us...

I am sorry... I ought to take some photos of my mama's homemade ban mian, but I forgot to do so!! Aiyo... next time, ok!? I promise!