Monday, January 29, 2007

My Pretty Sunshine

This is my sunshine. She's pretty, isn't she? :)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

New Clothes From Grand Aunt!

Joey's grand-auntie (My MIL's sister) who lives in Australia came to Singapore for a holiday recently. She brought for us ...  get ready for this.... ONE SUITCASE of new clothes for Joey! Baby clothes from Australia are cheap & really nice and cute, so we are so thrilled! If I let Joey wear 1 new piece everyday, she might need at least 2 weeks to a month to finish wearing everything.

Just to show you some pieces that she's worn so far...

Opps sorry.. she was getting sleepy here and rubbing her eyes away.. The pink sweater's new though!

This is what she wore to church today - a red jumper. Hehe.. she looked super red today, cos her stroller's red and she's dressed in red. I even made her wear red socks! Hehe..

This is a sweet Victorian style doll dress that Joey is wearing... Doesn't really suit her personality though, I feel.. cos I think she's more the 'cool' & stylo mylo kind of gal rather than a sweet sweet one. Nevertheless, the dress did help create the 'false impression' though. Hahaha...

This is a black & white stripped long-sleeved bodysuit. (Don't tell other people, I actually thought she looked like a prisoner in this. Opps) But nevertheless, she still looks adorable in it!

Opps, sorry for this indecent photo..

This is my personal favorite! A floral skirt pant bodysuit! Has really cute bubble sleeves too. Alot of people say she looks very Japanese. This bodysuit made her look even more Japanese! Especially with the hat.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Joey In Her Cot

Saturday morning... Mummy got to do some work, so baby Joey played by herself in her cot...

Pretty gal wearing a pretty dress..

Hmm... I wonder when will mummy come & play with me?

Maybe if I stand here long enough, she will get the hint...

Ooi... since u are free to take my photos, why don't you get me my apple stars titbit?

Pleasssseee... my mouth is watering already just thinking of them!?

(Finally rescued by her nai nai) Hey! Don't forget my apple stars!

P.S.: The comments are purely fictional and are part of Mummy Kless' mighty imagination.

Lunch With Grandpa & Grandma

We went to meet my dad & mum for lunch last Monday during my off day. It was a great day of relaxation!

Look at Joey all dressed up & ready to go..

We went to this Hong Kong cafe in Katong which offers set lunches. The food was good! Look at the sweet & sour pork rice I ordered... Looks good eh? :)

I like the cups they use to serve coffee. It's a typical metail cups they use in Hong Kong...

Joey was a good gal. She sat in the highchair and entertained herself while we ate..

My parents are always all-smiles when they see Joey...

On the way home!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Leisure Sunday

Joey in church today...

Oh here comes Uncle Simon!

After service, we went to town and had our late lunch. My first time trying Pepper Lunch and it was GOOD!

My pepper beef rice

Isaiah's steak...

Although it tasted good, I still find it too expensive. Paying close to $10 for a course, and I even had to cook it myself! I mean, it's a pretty high price to charge just for putting raw rice, corn and beef on a hot plate, isn't it???

Nevertheless, my beef rice was very filling & tasty. It must be my frying skills. =P

Thursday, January 18, 2007

While Waiting For Papa

What can you do when you are waiting for Papa? (We waited for half an hour for him at taxi stand!) TAKE PHOTOS LOR.. hehe..

At first, Joey was still all smiley...

But after 5 minutes, she was getting bored. So she started to chew on her cloth...

Then she started to whine and whine... cos she wants to be carried..

I had no choice but to bribe her with her biscuits...

She couldn't even wait for me to open the container and started to chew on the container immediately..

After this, I had not much time to take photos anymore, cos I was busy feeding her biscuits.

I must share a story about what happened though. Joey is so smart. I opened her container and showed her the biscuits. There were about 7-8 round biscuits inside and immediately she kept repeating, 'mum mum mum mum...' (means 'eat' lah..) And she eats so quickly that after about 5 seconds of putting the biscuit into her mouth, she will go 'mum mum mum mum' again. I had initially wanted to keep 2 or 3 pieces to entertain her in the taxi later, but she won't agree to stop snacking!

She kept going 'mum mum mum mum' so loud and even started screaming, so the highly embarrassed me got to keep feeding her. Finally, we came down to one last piece of the biscuit. So, I showed her the one last biscuit inside the container and told her, 'Last one. No more'. She paused awhile to look at it, then went, 'mum mum mum mum', so I fed her the last biscuit. Just went I was wondering what else I can do to entertain her if she goes 'mum mum mum mum' again, to my amazement, she stopped and decided to chew on her cloth instead. Wah, so smart leh! She saw for herself that she ate up all the biscuits and there were no more! That's why she stopped asking for it! My Joey so smart leh!

* proud mama couldn't stop grinning to herself *


At The Door

My office nursery has a very cute and interesting door that has got holes for the kids to peek out. Look at Joey enjoying herself playing peek-a-boo!

Here's my darling baby!

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