Sunday, February 25, 2007

A New Talent??!

I got complimented twice this week alone for something very special. Bet you 500 lunches you can't guess it. Try guessing anyway!

Time's up!

I got complimented for my SPEED IN CHANGING JOEY'S DIAPERS!

kekeke.. this calls for a celebration!

Seriously, I never thought I was fast. But to have 2 different people saying the same thing about me in the same week?? That's got to be common grace speaking to me, man!


I think I got the special talent because of my beloved daughter's personality. She NEVER stays still when I am changing her diapers, clothes, or anything at all. And I really mean NEVER. Promise, no exaggeration. Not only that, she will fidget & turn all the way to the front & start crawling, climbing, whatever you have.

Therefore, whenever I change her diapers, I got to do it at lightning speed so as to get it done before she crawls away yet again.

Dunno whether to laugh or cry at this newly discovered talent.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

On The Slide

We brought Joey to Orchard Paragon the other day and she had great deal of fun at the mini kids playground inside the mall!

Sorry, I just kept snapping & snapping away. So pls dun mind the great lot of photos here. :)

Then we decided that she should attempt something more challenging than just standing around on the slide. She should crawl her way up from the bottom of the slide!

Step by step, she will make it.

You may need to get down on your fours to make it happen, sometimes.

Take a breather when you need to, in order to continue your journey with greater strength.

You're almost there, gal!

Yeh! We're there! Well donez! =)


The photos should be viewed in reverse order. We let her go down from the top to the bottom, into the welcoming hands of Mummy Kless! Kekeke...

Paragon Levels 5 & 6 are really made for kids. It's like a whole world of colours & animals all by itself. Look at the decor of the place.

The whole ceiling is hung with flowers and lovely moon lights like these. You feel like you are in an enchanted garden!

Next, the table tops come with cute & colourful stickers with sheeps & moo-moos.

Check out the dustbins! Even they can't escape the fate of being wrapped up in the same cute wrapper!

Look at these cute animal vehicles that we saw cruising along the aisles of the mall! Kids can put in coins and step on the accelerator to get the vehicles moving. The kids just keep putting in more & more & more coins!!

The Little Blue Girl At The Breakfast Table

Now, my personal favorite! Just look at the expression on her face!

This Is Censored.

What you will see below are censored & highly sensitive pics. Proceed with care.































Incase you haven't realised, we installed a pink toilet seat for Joey to sit on for her daily poo poo. The hole is much small so that her buttocks do not fall right through it. :)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ang Pow Harvest

This is the 1st year that Joey is receiving ang pows. She likes red colour, so she's exceptionally happy too when uncles & aunties keep giving her red packets. She would immediately take it over from them & give them a sweet smile. Haha.. Only her mama knows that she's thinking of how to put them into her mouth.

I love the design of the red packets given out by my church this year. I used them when giving out my ang pows this year.

We opened a bank account for Joey some time back, cos we want to start saving up for her education. POSB has got a young savers scheme where parents can jointly open an account with their kids and once they reach 12 years old, it would be transferred to their own personal account. During these 12 years, only the parents can withdraw money by queueing up at the bank. I think they want to make it inconvenient for parents to withdraw the money so that they can really save up.

Joey's ang pows consist of Singapore dollars & Malaysian ringgit. Quite a decent amount, I would say. Hehe.. The biggest amounts come from her grandparents. But of course, since it's their first year blessing their grand daughter. :)

While I was in KL, Joey's uncle bought her this piggy bank since it's the year of the pig. It's also a good chance to start putting in loose change so that we can bank it all in at the end of each year. That's what my dad used to do when I was younger. Can come up to at least $500 each year and it'll be equally divided between my brother & I. I think it's such a good bonus. :)

The 1st Day of the CNY

As per tradition, we brough Joey back to JB to visit her great grandmother and to have a feast & gathering with Isaiah's side of the relatives. Joey looks good in her cheena cheongsam hor?!

Sorry no photos of the feast itself, cos I was busy carrying Joey everywhere. Finally she fell asleep on the sofa...

Sunday, February 18, 2007

@ Chinatown

Call us crazy, but yes, we actually brought Joey to Chinatown tonight. I was kind of reluctant at first cos the crowd is really very horrendous and Joey will be all drenched in sweat. But my MIL, BIL and dear hubby were so excited on the spur of the moment that we went anyway. Turned out to be quite enjoyable cos the atmosphere of CNY was really filling the air of Chinatown!

Got to take turns to carry Joey the whole trip cos we could not imagine going through the crowds with her big stroller. Joey was so intrigued by all the bright red and yellow lights everywhere!

Everywhere in the New Year market, there're people shouting for sales & lots of people buying the goodies.. It really builds up the great CNY atmosphere very well..

Everywhere in the market, there're stalls selling pig toys cos it's the Year of the Pig! We also bought a piglet soft toy for Joey to commemorate her 1st Lunar New Year!

Of course, we got to take photos together with our darling Joey as it's our first CNY together!

Happy New Year to Everyone! =)

Swimming Gear

I'll be bringing Joey swimming for the 1st time when we go to KL this time round cos my auntie's house has got a swimming pool. So today, I took out her swimsuit which my aunt bought many months ago, just incase she can't fit into it anymore. She looks very cute in it leh!

Her legs are really long, especially when she's wearing her swimsuit. Joey's a really tall girl, just like her daddy. :)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Joey’s 1st Reunion Dinner

Had my first reunion lunch today with Isaiah's side of the family. It's Joey's first reunion meal! More will be coming, for sure, since I'll be going back to Malaysia and meeting many of my relatives!

As usual, steamboat for our reunion lunch! Simple to prepare & nice to eat!

Joey can't eat the steamboat of course, so she eats her biter biscuits instead so that we can all eat in peace. :)

Time literally flies. Last year at reunion dinner, we were still saying that the next year, we'd have a little one to join us and we'd not have such an easy time eating. How true! =D

Friday, February 16, 2007

When The Weather Is Very Hot

When the weather is very hot, I will tie Joey's fringe up so that she will feel cooler and less irritated. Only at home though.. cos it doesn't look very proper and looks quite funny actually..

Wait a minute.

I thought she resembles someone in this hairstyle.

Viola! It's Pebbles in Flintstones! keke

keke... both are equally cute...

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