Monday, August 27, 2007

Play To Her Heart’s Content

Brought Joey to the playground downstairs to play to her hearts' content just now.. Pictures say a thousand words. :)

She's quite good on the slide now. She dares to slide down all by herself! Still, I got to be there to remind her to sit down at the top of the slide, otherwise, she might go head-first!

Top to bottom...

And bottom up...

Hahaha, look at her amused look!

Then a group of secondary school came to the playground and Joey got very attracted to them that she kept staring and staring...

She even went nearer to them and continued staring,... Hahaha!

After the fun, we had ice cream! (And I am sure you can guess the flavour of the ice cream. Haha!)

I Treasure….

.... the bonding time I have with Joey every Monday. I will take lots of photos of her every week, especially on Mondays, just so that I can capture every part of her life since she is changing everyday. :)

The usual things she would do at home are walking here & there and climbing up tables, chairs.... pretty dangerous actually, but I must say Joey's climbing skills are quite good. Haha! She can climb up & down chairs without falling off, and she is steady most of the time too. But of course, we got to keep stopping her from doing it, cos it is really quite dangerous and improper for a lady.

Here she is in the midst of her climbing-the-table act.

Guess what was she trying to grab?


And she would take the bread and go to one place, squat down and attempt to open it to eat..

Oh oh, caught by mummy..

Today, I brought her to Choa Chu Kang! Hahaha... In an attempt to continue my shopping centre expedition, I decided to go to CCK's Lot 1 Shopping Mall today. Heee... The whole place is so much like Junction 8! It's much smaller though. :)

Went to Ajisen Japanese restaurant for lunch!

My ramen!

Crispy squid!

They kindly brought Joey her bowl too...

Can you see Joey's very happy to see the noodles and a bowl just for her? :)

She fed herself (with some of my help of cos) and had a good time eating the ramen...

Happy duo!

She Knows She’s Joey

Recently, Joey has been showing signs that she has become alot more self-conscious than before. This is really an interesting phase, I must say. It is funny to watch her every movement as she starts to realise that she is a person and has an identity of her own.

It all started with her recognising her name as we call her. I think she started to respond to her name when she was about 6 months. In the last few months, her understanding of words and commands has improved tremendously and she would answer with an 'eh?' or 'huh?' when we call her.

Recently, it has become even more interesting. When there are alot of people crowding around her and looking at her, she would shy behind our backs or cover her face with her hand or bury her head in our chests! This is so weird because I always thought of Joey as an 'I' baby and would smile & play with anyone. But now, she has become so self conscious that she has shown her shy side! Joey = Shy?? Quite unbelievable.

When we scold her in public or infront of other people, it used to be that she would react as if nothing happened. Now, if she sees that she had been scolded & people are staring at her, she would stare at the floor, slowly pout and then burst into tears. Very heartbreaking sight, I must say. But the last few times, I was so amazed by that reaction that I just stared and stared at her. It really shows that she has started to experience emotions of shame and she now knows that she is Joey and would feel sad that someone is not happy with her.

Gosh, my baby has transformed into a little adult??! That's so fast! No more scolding her in public anymore!

How amazing, the growing-up journey of a baby. =)

Tall Joey

Today as I was walking around looking for a place for lunch, it suddenly dawned upon me that in time to come pretty soon, wherever I go for bufftet, I would have to start paying for Joey's share. Even though it's kid's price, it is still usually half the adult's price and it can cost quite a bit. Sigh, how I wish that day doesn't come so fast!

And on my way back at the MRT station, I saw this sign:

And so, I made Joey stand against the height chart & see how tall she is. heee...

Can you see she is only THAT LITTLE AWAY from the 0.9m mark???! Oh gosh! That means I would have to start paying for her EZLink card soon! Faintz. I had this vague impression that the qualifying height used to be 1.2m, or did I remember wrongly?!

I want my baby to grow tall fast, but I don't want to start paying for the EZLink Card so soon! Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

This is Nice

My MIL brought home something nice today, so I thought of showing you guys. It's her friend's son's full-month celebration and he gave all the guests a take-home gift box.

This is the box exterior...

Inside, there are 2 red eggs, 2 ang ku kways & some candies...

Check out their personalised candy bar!

And lovely card...

Heard from my MIL that they handmade everything themselves. Impressive eh? Maybe when my 2nd baby has his or her full month celebration, I can do something like that too... keke....

The Place Where We Belong

It's Baptism Sunday and we were back at Jurong West today because of Ivan's baptism. Whenever there is a chance to go back to our JW building, I always feel so happy because I just love the whole place so much! Brings back lots of memories whenever I step into the building grounds. And there is a special sense of belonging in this place because the building is ours. This is what is lacking at Expo.

To Joey, this is not a very familiar place. She was only there when she was in my tummy. keke...

Joey looks like she likes the place too, ya? :)

Looking forward to having our own big big place in a few years' time!!!

After the baptism, some of us headed down to Woodlands for the very delicious bak kut teh! All thanks to Serene who drove today, that we had a very comfy journey down North. :) Check out our dinner! Very fulfilling!

The Bak Kut Teh

Other side dishes as well - Salted veggies, braised pig's trotters & you tiao!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Girls’ Good Friend – Waffles & Ice-Cream!

A new Gelare shop opened at Sunplaza, much to my delight! And so, I dragged Joey to go eat ice cream with me! :)

I said I dragged her to go with me because she wasn't as interested as me in the ice cream, obviously. In fact, she was quite sleepy. Heee heee..

Here comes the ice cream & waffles! woooppppeeeee!

How can anyone look so glum at such a heavenly thing? sigh...

I think the waffles & ice cream was really nice! =)

I am sorry I looked so fat in this photo. Cos there were waffles inside my mouth when I took it. Haha....

My Baby Joey

I love my baby's innocence, chubbiness, non-pretence.

I love her for her energy, for her full devotion to life and everything around her.

I love to see her grow bigger everyday, learning new words and new actions everyday. Look, she's got 6 teeth up & down already!

My Baby Joey! =D

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