Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bags & Nano

This girl all of a sudden wanted to bring her 'handbags' out this morning when we were about to leave the house. Don't ask me why, I also don't know why.

See her sashaying around the house with her priced bags.

Infact, she initially wanted to bring out TWO bags, until I yanked one out of her hand at the lift landing & threw it back to my MIL. Knowing her, she would just throw the bag aside in the taxi and I will be the one carrying it for the rest of the day.

True enough, the moment we boarded the taxi, she turned her attention to my nano. Look at the way she is enjoying the music. I played Kelvin Kern's Enchanted Garden music for her to listen to at the minimum volume. :)

At some point, she had this delusion that my nano is a phone as well.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Quite a Feat

I really think that it's quite a feat that Joey still sits obediently in a stroller every morning when I bring her to work with me. Most kids won't even sit in a stroller for 5 minutes when they are still small. As they get older, it gets even tougher, because they already know that they can walk & run around, so they wouldn't want to be 'trapped' in a stroller.

Of course, the frequency that Joey struggles to get out of the stroller has increased as she grows older. Just this morning in the MRT, I got to carry her out of her stroller twice and carried her for a while before puting her back in again, during our 30-minute MRT ride. Still, I commend her for her obedience 80% of the time. :)

This is such a funny photo. Her eyes are so small that they look like sesame seeds!

Simple Is Good

Unlike me who likes food with a strong flavour, Joey has a preference for tasteless food. She loves plain white rice (and will even reject the rice if you try to be smart & put some sauce on her rice). She likes tofu too, and the plainer the better.

When it comes to bread, she loves plain bread too.

There is this toy she has at home. I think we got it from Burger King's or something. When you press the button below the figurine, it will go, "Oh Oh.... Oh Oh..... Oh Oh...".

That day when I was home with Joey, I witnessed something so amusing but I couldn't capture it down on video quick enough! The toy was infront of Joey facing her, and Joey was sitting on the floor facing it. As you can see, the figurine has a finger pointing to the side. I saw that Joey was actually having a 'conversation' with the figurine. The figurine was incidentally pointing at the empty Gardenia Bread packaging on the floor. Joey looked like she was telling the figurine, to pick up the packaging & throw it into the dustbin! She kept talking to the figurine & pointing to the packaging. But the figurine just refused to move. So she got so frustrated that she just talked even louder & louder at it. Haha.. so funny..

Inspired To Make Bentos!

I am so inspired to make bento lunch boxes for my darling Joey when she gets older & goes to school!

I've been reading this interesting blog by a SAHM who makes lovely & creative lunchboxes for her kids and husband everyday. You got to check out her blog! It brightens up your day, I promise! :)

This mum is a real pro at making lunch boxes. Check out her supplies & large quantity of bento boxes!

Got single tier, two-tiers, those that come with collapsable spoons & forks etc etc. Very amazing collection, isn't it?

Show you some of her creations. She also includes simple recipes that we can use to make the bentos for our kids. She also includes treats like Panda biscuits and lots of fruits like grapes, pears & strawberries. I think my Joey would be very happy to eat bentos like these!

It's not easy to make lunchboxes for kids. Got to ensure that it looks nice, tastes nice, and is a balanced diet. Got to foodcutter to cut foods into interesting shapes like stars, hearts, circles. But so fun, right?!

I am truly inspired!!

Little Feet

Ever since I saw Jiahui's baby Nicole crossed her feet while sitting on a chair, I started to train Joey to do the same thing as well. It looks like such a ladylike thing to do!

Surprisingly for me, I only needed to cross Joey's feet against each other twice, and she started to do it everytime she's seated down. Haha... So demure! I love it!

This photo may look a little weird in its orientation, but she was actually sleeping in her sarong and she stuck her legs out like that. Cute eh, those fat toes? Hehe...

Thank God for my mother in law, Tuesdays now are no longer blue for me. :) 

Tuesday is the first day of my work week, and the longest day of the week for me. I have to work from 10am to 11pm and to add on to my tiredness, I have to bring Joey to work with me early in the morning, then Isaiah rushes to my office to pick up the both of us, and he would look after Joey when I am doing admin with my zone leaders. I will then take over looking after her after my zone meeting so that he can concentrate on his zone meeting.

Tuesdays are always super stressful & intense for me, because there are 101 things to be done within a very short span of time. In between, there will be lots of instructions from pastors and adhoc tasks to be completed. Plus, I need to 'evacuate' Joey from the nursery latest around 6.30pm, which added an extra deadline for me. Especially after Isaiah started this new job, it has been virtually impossible for him to rush down to my office by 6.30pm. More often than not, I'd have to bring alot my heavy bags of admin papers, put Joey in her stroller and bring all the barang barang to the meeting venue by myself. It was really tough & mentally & physically very taxing. The worst part of it is that Joey has to stay out with us till 11+pm, sleeping uncomfortably in her stroller, and reaching home way past midnight and not yet bathed. Poor baby, really.

And so, we decided to ask my MIL to help look after Joey every Tuesday so that I can go to work and focus on my work the whole day. At night, we can also have a good time meeting with our fellow CGLs. It has indeed lifted up a great burden off my shoulders! Thank God for my MIL who was so willing to stand in the gap for us. =)

For last Tuesday and today, I felt so liberated! Of course, I missed hearing my baby's laughs & voices the whole day. But, I also could be totally at ease knowing that she is in good hands, and I can focus all my attention on the work that I needed to do. I should have done this long ago lor! haha....

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Joey In Church

I haven't been taking Joey's photos recently. So, decided to capture her playing in the Expo Nursery today during service.

Joey is now going through a phase that is difficult for both her and me. She gets frustrated and agitated easily nowadays. When she doesn't get her way, she immediately gets into a screaming and whining act and will insist that we give her what she wants. My patience really gets pushed to the max nowadays. It doesn't help that I do understand that she is now at the stage where she only knows how to scream and fuss to get her message across. I still get frustrated at her way of communication.

Many nights when she woke up in the wee hours and refuse to get back to sleep, I would try all ways and means to make her sleep (coax, scold, beat, beg, whine, everything) to no avail. I get so tired & frustrated that I even end up crying myself. Sigh.

Thank God she is such a cute & adorable baby, which balances off those frustrating moments. Otherwise, I might have gone quite crazy. =P

It's not too hard to understand why my eyebags are so heavy right? I just pray that she would sleep tight & well tonight all the way till 10am tomorrow morning! (It's no harm to dream sometimes right? =) )

The Elmo Song Craze & The MRT Makeup Girl

Meiling gave Joey an Elmo CD long long ago, and I've only played it once or twice to Joey before. Then, she wasn't particularly interested in the Elmo song, cos I think she couldn't appreciate it.

Recently, the Elmo song craze got back again. It all started because Joey's Godma Serene let her listen to the song on her handphone. Then Isaiah managed to get the song from her as well, and since then, it has become a very useful tool in entertaining Joey when we are outside. My mother in law also saved the song in her handphone too, so Joey listened to it ALL THE TIME. She would smile and sway from side to side everytime when the song is being played.

I don't have the song in my handphone because it doesn't have bluetooth, and even so, Joey takes joy in just holding on to the CD in the MRT. These were taken one morning in the MRT on our way to work.

Can you see she's crazy over Elmo???!

* * * * *

Sidetrack: Found this lady in the MRT that same morning (depicted by yellow arrow). Actually, it's not the first time I saw her in the train. We take the train at around the same timing every morning. Without fail, every morning, she would be doing her make-up in the train.

I don't know how many ladies actually do that, but I don't really see it that often. I mean, girls do their makeup in their own cars, or when they reach office and that's pretty normal. But to do makeup in a crowded MRT with lots of eyes on you, I must say she is quite brave. It's not just simple makeup, mind you. It's the FULL WORKS - concealer, eye shadow, eyeliner, eye brow penciling, eyelash curling, mascara, blusher, lipstick, etc.

You ought to see her large makeup bag, and another separate bag of brushes in all lengths and sizes. Different casings and boxes of cosmetics.

This is one pro MRT makeup girl.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Brave, Tall & Heavy

Took Joey for her injection this morning.

It was the vaccine jab for measles due at 15 months, but we missed it. I had innocently thought that her next jab would be at 18 months, so I didn't bring her to the doc.

Joey was so brave!! She watched the doc from the beginning till the end, and saw how the doc applied alcohol with the cotton pad on her thigh, and saw how the needle went in through her thigh... She didn't cry one bit! Only whinced a little when the liquid went into her thigh. Woo, impressive indeed!

Measured her height & weight and gosh! She's now 0.82 metres & 12 kg!

Remember that the MRT height for kids to pay their fares is 0.9 metres?? She's nearly there now! =)

Dog Dog

I must say that Joey is one brave kid.

Unlike most kids who may run away when they see a dog, or start crying when a dog approaches them, Joey is almost unfazed when faced with a huge dog.

We met this lovely doggie when we went to Sentosa the other day. The doggie is a very gentle & friendly doggie, and Joey kept staring at it. I was watching from a distance away, wondering if she would start crying anytime. But even as the dog approaches her, she remained pretty calm. In fact, I was the one who started to get a little nervous when the dog got so near to her that it was almost sniffing her hand. Only when the doggie touched her hand, she started to back off a little. Haha...

It was a mistake to take out Joey's little ball for her to play because we forgot all dogs love chasing balls. It got so excited when it saw the ball that it started to follow after Joey. Hee... It scared Joey a little cos she didn't know why doggie wanted to follow her around. Very amusing...

Can you see that doggie is the same height as Joey? I tried to imagine a dog as tall and big as me, and I thought it felt very daunting indeed. =P

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Random Cuteness

Cuteness need no words.

She took a photo of her sexy lips. Not bad eh?

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