Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bento- Colour My World!

I love colours! I get all happy & cheery when I see rainbow colours! And so, today's bento cheered me up lots!

Steamed some sausages & skewered them together on a bed of green peas.

Boiled a soup with potatoes, carrots & broccoli. Don't you just love the colours? :)

This is the bottom tier with a heart-shaped onigiri and the sausage skewer

In the upper tier, there is another onigiri and also some boiled mixed bell peppers. With a small container of light soya sauce.

In the top tray, there are apple cubes and some biscuits for snack time.

The full bento!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Went To Causeway Point Just to Buy A Bubble Tea…

Of course NOT lah!

You think I so bo liao?

The truth is I decided to bring Joey swimming today. Setting off to Woodlands Swimming Pool...

Look how happy she is!

Waiting for the bus to come....

In the end, it RAINED.

And so, we just bought a bubble tea from Causeway Point & came back home.

So sad. :(

Next week bah, baby...

Happy In The Nursery

Whenever someone asks me who is Joey's best friend in the office nursery, I will always reply, 'Christian!'. He is Pst Aries' son and they play with each other all day long. But apart from being her best friend, he is also her worst enemy. Those times when they are not playing with each other, they are fighting with each other. Haha...

Can you see she got a blue black on the left side of her face? I think she knocked her face onto some cupboard... =P

She loves to play in this green toy basket...

Here comes gor gor Christian

Their favorite pastime is wrestling...

Please don't think that my girl was trying to do anything to Christian. it's just that we asked them to hug, and Christian quickly lied down, so joey got to pounce on top to him to hug him. haha..

Still sitting on Christian, if you notice... keke..

The happiest thing that can happen to Joey when she's in the nursery is when someone wants to bring her out for a walk walk... She'd quickly go & grab her shoes..

So happy, you see.. :)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Keep Smiling, Bento!

Who doesn't love Fridays?? =)

To celebrate one of my most favorite days in the week, I made a smiling bento for Joey!

A smiling bear and a smiling rabbit onigiri (I know the bear onigiri looks like a pig instead. Hahaha!). It's nice to have my bento smiling back at me. Heee...

Chicken soup with carrots & green peas

As a side dish, I boiled some asparagus and secured with a carrot strap

The full bento: On the lower tier is the onigiris and 3 skewers of apples

On the upper tier, there is the chicken soup, asparagus and boiled broccoli stalks to fill in the gaps.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

If You Love Me….


Thank you.

About My Clever Baby

I am not trying to blow my own horn here, but I am really amazed at how smart my baby is becoming. At only 19 months, she can comprehend at least 80% of the things that I tell her. Even though she may not be able to speak out alot of words, she is able to do what I tell her to do most of the time and respond correctly.

I can say almost anything, like put the toys back into the bucket, fetch me that or this, stop doing this or that, please do this or that, etc, and she will be able to respond accordingly. Very smart indeed.

Since dunno-when, she has started to call me 'Mummy' instead of Mama, and I don't even know who taught her that word. Perhaps, unknowingly, I've been telling her things like, 'Come, Mummy give you... Mummy feed you..', and she kind of realised that I am Mummy, and since it sounds nicer than Mama, she decided to switch to that. Haha.. I am happy of course, since I think Mummy sounds nicer and more personal than Mama. =)

Her latest 2 favorite phrase now are 'I want...' and 'I don't want....', Yep, you are right. She may well be entering the Terrible Wonderful Two stage. Now, her D character is showing mightily in everything that she does. She has a mind of her own, and knows very well where she wants to go and what she wants to do.

Here, my little girl is trying to pour the packet drink into her milk bottle, cos she knows I won't let her drink straight from the packet, but if it's in her bottle, I might. She didn't succeed of course. :)

Although she started walking rather late only at 14 months or so, her speech picked up pretty fast on the contrary. Now, she can say many single-syllable and some double-syllable words. She can pronounce Yes and No very clearly and uses them at the right time to tell us what she wants or does not want. She will say 'woo woo' when she sees a dog and 'bus' when she sees a bus on the road.

Her favorite accessory now are her shoes. When we tell her we are going out soon, she would run quickly to the shoe cabinet and chant, 'Shoes! Shoes!'

When you pass her a comb, she will proceed to comb her hair. When you pass her a handphone, she will proceed to listen and talk into it. When you pass her a hand cream tube, she will squeeze the tip of the tube into her open hand. When you pass her a facial blotter paper, she will press it against her face again and again. When you pass her an ipod nano, she will put the earphones into her ear and proceed to press the buttons as if she is choosing the songs. And these are just some of the things that she can associate with and imitates what we do.

Talking about toilet-training, we haven't succeeded in getting her to tell us whenever she wants to urinate. But surprisingly, she would come tell us when she wants to do the big business. Most of the time, it's quite accurate and we are able to put her on the potty before she actually 'does it'. Haha..

So you see, my daughter is indeed growing fast. It used to be that I would be able to blog about every single development or new thing that she's doing. But now, I can't catch up with her. She picks up new words frequently & can repeat after us. I guess I can only do a periodic update like this to capture what new progress she's made.

Gosh, amazing how fast a kid grows.. =D

Bento- Green Rocks!

I am starting to think that the colour of bento boxes really make a difference. :) I was looking at Joey's green two-tier bento box today and I felt happy just looking at it. So cheery-looking!

Diced some potatoes & carrots this morning to make chicken soup.

Just throw everything into a pot of water with chicken, add in some ikan bilis grounded powder and the soup is ready in 20 mins! You can boil as long as u like, and the taste will get better and better. Just make sure your water doesn't dry out.

The soup goes into the lower tier with half a golden kiwi and cherry tomatoes to fill in the gaps. Covered the soup with alumnium foil to prevent the soup from spilling out.

In the upper tier, there are 2 heart-shaped onigiris and a sausage cocktail skewer on a bed of boiled spinach.

The happy green bento today!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bento- A Little Fish Meal

Joey's not feeling very well these few days, so I decided to make her a simple bento today with rice & steamed fish. Once in a while, she'll have lactose intolerance, so went to get her a tin of non-lactose milk powder as well, so that she won't have the runs after drinking her milk.

Used her new blue two-tier bento box!

The upper tier contains steamed fish with broccoli and cherry tomatoes.

And steamed rice in the lower tier with green peas as decoration. Of course they taste good and are healthy too. :)

3 slices of biscuits on the top tray as afternoon snacks.

There goes. Just a simple little blue bento secured with a blue strap today. =D

Monday, October 22, 2007


For some unknown reasons, Joey was hyper today! We went shopping with Serene and she literally tired both of us out. Thank God she was willing to sit in the stroller majority of the time and even fell asleep for 1 hour+ in the afternoon. But other parts of the day, she was mostly hyper, running here & there and refused to sit still or hold our hands.

Here she was sitting obediently in the stroller

How do u like her new hairclip? Heee... but she didn't allow it to stay there for too long. Sigh..

Let loose at Plaza Singapura....

Then we met up with Isaiah and had dinner together...

A tiring day but well-spent. =)

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