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Friday, November 30, 2007

Sick Joey

Joey's fever escalated very high last night till this morning, temperature hovering around 39.5 degrees. Pretty scary. Anyway, after taking medication, it has slowly subsided. So let's pray it's gonna stay that way.

The only time she would lie down obediently to watch TV is when she is sick.

I managed to get her to smile for me. Haha...

Get well, Joey!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Auntie Joyce!

I must congratulate my friend cum colleague cum neighbour, cos she seemed to have succeeded in getting joey to call her Auntie Joyce correctly. Just the other day when I was at home using MSN to talk to Joyce, and Joey came along and saw Joyce's photo and the following conversation took place:

Joey: (pointing to Joyce's photo) Auntie!

Mummy: Which Auntie?

Joey: Auntie lah!! (not joking. She really said 'lah!!' rather impatiently)

Mummy: Which Auntie lah??!!

Joey: Joyce! Auntie Joyce!

And so, Joey does recognise her already. I guess it's easier for her cos Joyce and I share cab at least once a week to office. And Auntie Joyce does make alot of effort to entertain Joey everytime. Hahaha...

Terrorize me alone not enough, still must terrorize my Joey..

But I guess they're pretty entertained by each other

Seldom got people help mama take photo of her and joey, so auntie joyce helped!


On hindsight, I really did miss out a nice photo of Auntie Joyce & Joey.. so here it is.. hahaha...

Joyce: I no owe u le ah!!!!

Papa’s Good Girl

I believe very much in the phrase, 'Kids always bully their mummies'. Cos Joey only bullies me. Whenever she is with me, she can whine & shout & disobey whatever I say, but when she is with Isaiah, she is very much a very good girl.

That day Isaiah was on leave, so we went out together with Joey.

When Papa carries her, she seldom struggles to get down.

In the feeder bus, sitting so obediently on Papa's lap.

At the MRT station waiting for the train to come. So obedient.

In the train... seated obediently on Papa's lap once again. So rare!!

See, I never bluff you right??

Such a funny expression I captured. Hahaha..

Bento- Soup & Side Dishes!

It's been so long since my last bento. I actually thought I lost the interest and passion in making bentos, but as I was putting together the bento this morning, I gathered I still found it quite fun. =)

Today's bento!

The bottom tier contains 2 bunny onigiris and 2 boiled broccolis by the sides.

The top tier contains 2 side dishes - A pool of steamed potato cubes & a cup of sausages with one broccoli for colour.

I made a spinach with minced meat & carrots soup too, but it's in a separate container. I think the soup tastes quite good, cos Joey finished one big bowl of rice with the soup early this morning at 8am!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Holy Marcaroni!

Joey has been sick, so haven't been making bentos for her lately. However, I did make a macoroni beef soup for her on Monday..

Added Bovril to the soup and it really tasted quite good... Very beefy.. =)

The Xmas Girl

This is not Joey's 1st Christmas, but this year, she is surely alot more aware of Christmas than last year. =) She loves bright lights, and seeing all the christmas trees and lightings along Orchard Road made her very happy indeed.

Doesn't she look so mini infront of such a big christmas tree?

With her gan ma..

With Auntie Lay, Daddy & Mummy

With Papa!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Yellow One

Did you miss the bento maker?? =)

Haven't had the chance to make any bentos in the past few days, and Joey had been feeding on porridge, so today when I wanted to make her a bento, I realised to my horrors that I have no ingredients left!

Anyway, I still pulled together a rather yellow bento, and I promise to go get some green veggies soon!

The bento today looks like this:

The bottom tier is a pool of steamed rice with steamed sweet corn kernels as the eyes, nose & mouth. On the right hand side, there are 2 quail eggs (as you can see, I did make an effort to cut out the mouth to make it look like it's smiling. Hee) lying on a bed of steamed sweet corn kernels.

In the next tier, there is the beef with carrots & potatoes soup. I learnt from Yuling and added in wolfberries as well. ;)

In the top tray, I put in some cheese skewers for snacks.

Happy Wednesday!!!

Especially For Auntie Gene

Auntie Gene passed some of her niece's clothes to Joey, and they're all so lovely! Was especially thrilled to find that there were many pants in the collection and they were just what Joey needs! A timely blessing indeed. =D

Many other aunties commented that she looked very stylo today. Auntie Gene, what do you think? =)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Feeding Myself

Celebrated my BIL David's birthday at Miramar Hotel last week. Thank God the restaurant was not crowded, cos Joey was really running here & there and everywhere. It's harder nowadays for her to sit still in a highchair, so we got to occupy her by stuffing her with her food. She insists on feeding herself, as usual. But we were glad, since she was willing to sit still (for a while).

Posing when I told her I was taking photos of her... keke..

With her nai nai..

Ball & Tunnel

Kids get bored with the same few toys easily, so I got to perodically keep some of Joey's toys and replace them with a different set. Not that I keep buying toys for her, but I just got to keep some of the toys she plays with frequently, and take them out again 3 months later, and she would get all excited over them again.

Found this new toy in our cupboard that had never been opened before, so we decided to see if Joey likes it. Turns out it's a hit!

This is a ball & tunnel thing. You can put in a ball at the top, and there're 2 ways the ball can travel. So the kid can guess whether the ball will come out from the blue or the green tunnel.

Good lah, at least this can occupy her for a little while... =P

Let’s Welcome Joey, The Drummer!

Joey got a new drum set!

Well, it's not really new, cos it's second-hair, passed on from one of my colleague whose daughter has outgrown it.

Knowing how much my daughter loves making 'music', her interest in the drum set was totally expected. =)

Quite stylo ah, my girl? =D

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