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Monday, April 28, 2008

The Bus Adventure

I wanted to go check out the Furniture Warehouse since we're moving house in a few months' time. So I will thrilled to find out that there's a direct bus from Sembawang Interchange to the Upper Thomson branch. The only problem was I've not tried taking buses with Joey alone with the stroller, so I could imagine it was going to be tough and tiring. Nevertheless, I still did it, cos I wanted to bring along the stroller incase Joey wants to take her nap.

Preparing to get out of the house..

Well, taking the bus and bringing the stroller with my backpack and holding a toddler is really no easy feat. I had to fold my stroller up, hold it with one hand, and lead Joey up and down the bus first before I could go up or down. The large gap between the bus and the landing meant I had to make Joey jump across it while I hold her by one hand. I thnk some parents might have frowned when they saw me doing that. =P

Joey on the bus, behaving really well, thank God!

Mr Blackie

2 very funny attempts by Mama Kless to take photo of Joey and her together..

On the bus journey back, I attempted to carry joey on my arms and hold the stroller in the other, but it proved to be a worse strategy cos my stroller was too big and a passenger on the bus had to help me. =P

It was quite an adventure which totally drained me out even though it was 3 hours in all... I am still considering if I would ever do such a thing again... haha..