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Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday @ Sembawang

It's a rainy Monday at Sembawang today. Initially planned to bring Joey swimming, but looking at the weather, we both decided it's a better day to sleep. =P And so, we both napped from 1030am to almost 2pm! A whooping 3 hours!

Papa Isaiah will be happy to hear this. Joey saw Papa's Liverpool Jersey hanging in the study room, and she immediately went to dig out her Liverpool jersey and insisted that I help her change into that.

Then since we missed our lunchtime by oversleeping, we went out for some tea time snacks!

Obviously very happy about going out...

Joey very cute. The moment we entered the lift, she kept saying, "臭臭!" and pinched her nose... Hahaha.. (it was not even smelly leh...)

It was slightly drizzling outside, so Joey wanted to bring her umbrella out.. =)

Our tea time snacks!

Joey had kaya bun & warm barley drink, and I had wanton mee & black coffee. Very yummy!!