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Monday, April 21, 2008

A Very Scary Dream

Like Rachel, I also had a bad dream just now during my nap. It was scary at first but ended on quite a good note actually. Still, it's really weird to have such dreams..

The dream started in the middle of the incident. At the back of my mind, I know that I have already sent Joey to the United States, and I was in the midst of worrying about her and chiding myself for even allowing my two-year-old kid to go to such a faraway place from me. Apparently, Joey was taken away to the United States to do some kind of performance. I think she is a star perfomer or something like that.

The reason I was so worried was because I can't seem to be able to contact Joey at all even though she's been gone for many days. Then in my dream, I made a phone call to 'Joey's handphone' (so weird!), and a lady picked up the call and said, 'Yes, Joey's mummy?' And when I asked who she is, she said she is the nanny in charge of Joey, and she went on to tell me that Joey was doing very well there. I eventually got to speak to Joey and she really sounded quite alright.. =P

Maybe it's because I was very impacted by the video on what Sun is doing in the US last night at Newcomers Dinner that I dreamt such a weird dream.. hahaha..

In reality, I will NEVER allow Joey to go anywhere overseas without me. =)