Monday, January 28, 2008

A Funny Pic

A funny picture a day keeps the doctor away....................

Totally oblivious to what her mama has done to her hair.... haha..

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Morning Exercise

Almost every morning, Joey will get to do her morning exercise at the playground near my block. We meet up with my colleagues every morning to go to work together, so while waiting for my colleagues, she would exercise at the playground.

Amazing energy she has so early in the morning.

Again and again, she will climb up & slide down...

And she enjoys herself so much lor.. sometimes it's soooo hard to drag her off and leave for work...

A Little More Lady-Like Please

Recently Joey allows us to tie her hair if we keep emphasising that she looks soooooo pretty. At least she won't pull off her ponytail the moment we reach our void deck downstairs and can let it stay there for a good few hours. This is good, cos I think she really looks alot prettier with her hair tied up. (Some friends have alot to say about her 'Beatles' look-alike hairstyle when her hair is let down)

And I don't know if it's psychological, but she seemed to behave alittle more ladylike when her hair's tied up. Hee...

Guess who is Joey's greatest fan?

Undoubtedly, Joey herself.

She can watch her videos and photos all over and over and again without getting sick of herself. She knows every single video I have on her, especially those that captured her between 12 months to now. The very baby ones, she cannot really recognise herself, and she just calls herself 'baby' when she watches them, thinking the baby inside the video is another baby. But for the more recent ones taken in the last 1 year, she can just look at the thumbnail and tell you what each video is by imitating what will be shown in the video. Amazing lor!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bento- Omelet-Wrapped Rice

Last night I was just thinking to myself that today I wanna try making omelet-wrapped rice for Joey and today I saw the vision come to pass!

I fried an egg as thinly as I knew how, with as little oil as possible (Sidenote: Does anyone know how to fry an egg without using oil? Cos I always wanted to fry eggs or make scrambled eggs for Joey, yet got to worry about the oil content)

Used yet another new bento box today

Wrapped the rice inside the omelette successfully! Hee..

The side dishes are one steamed corn cup and one steamed veggie cup.

The main course is a chicken soup boiled with spinach, potatoes & tofu. This goes into a separate container.

Joey is a typical Cantonese, so she loves soups. =)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bento- Of Fishes & Butterflies

Yeps, I cooked fish for Joey today, and No, I didn't cook any butterflies (incase you were wondering)


And I'm so excited to share a great tip with you today! Heee...

For the fish today, I actually used apples to steam it with cherry tomatoes & baby corns. Ya, I know this is not very conventional, but I thought since I have apples in the fridge, I might as well use them. And it was indeed a pleasant surprise! The juice that accumulated after the steaming was so sweet & very refreshing! This is probably nature's way of cooking without any man-made flavourings. Try it! Use apples when steaming fish! =D

Here is the staple for today: Spinach porridge

Decorated with 3 carrot Christmas trees for a happy feel. =)

Here comes the butterfly part. Don't you think the centrepiece looks like a butterfly? The sauce container looks like the body, and the 2 divider cups on each side look like the wings?

In the foil cup, there is the steamed fish with a carrot christmas tree for a uniform look. In the right divider cup, there are sausage cubes, and on the left cup, there are carrot cubes. All the dishes are to be eaten with the spinach porridge. Then there are some apple cubes to fill in the gap at the top.

Happe Wednesday, everyone! Stay happy! =D

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bento Mummy Is Back!

Yeps, and it's because Joey is back in office nursery! Hahaha...

Used a new bento box today, and it's convenient with dividers inside, so I just need to put the food in. =D

This is what it looks like on the outside (The small container is a container of apples for desserts):

This is what it looks inside:

Just a simple meal with 2 heart-shaped onigiris on the top left, a hardboiled smiling egg on the top right. The main dish is steamed chicken with broccoli and carrots.

Recently, Joey has taken a liking to eating meats like chicken and beef. Previously, I only used them to cook porridge for her, but now, she wants to eat the meat as well. Abit concerned that her stomach cannot digest everything, but since she likes, we just let her lor.. =)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Relaxed In JB

Drove over to JB yesterday with my brother and we had a good time just relaxing there.

Started off with a good beef noodle lunch

Check out the signboard. It's a famous beef noodle stall

It looks & tastes good. =)

Then we went over to visit Joey's great grandmama and then went shopping at the newest shopping mall in JB called Jusco. Not that new cos it's been around for 2 years, but it's our 1st time there. A huge shopping mall much like Vivocity..

Obviously having lots of fun running around...

Joey always has lots of fun with Uncle Nigel.. She will insist that he carry her everywhere we go..

Haha... She likes it cos Uncle Nigel carries her like she's being kidnapped.. =P

Then we went for some dim sum at a nice restaurant with ceiling-to-floor windows and a view like this:

Does alot of good to our appetite. =)

Here comes the food! They taste really good...

Claypot chicken porridge

Glutinous rice

Chee Cheong Fun with prawns

Chicken feet

Xiao Long Bao

A happy day of course. =D

Thursday, January 10, 2008

We Went To Eat Desserts

Basically just lazed around at home the whole of today and doing my work until I felt that I couldn't waste the beautiful Wednesday away, and so I brought Joey out to a nearby coffeeshop for some desserts.

Took a very leisurely walk to the coffeeshop. The weather was perfect and a cool breeze was blowing. As we were strolling along, we saw birds and stopped to talk to them. haha.. it's good to be able to take time to do simple things like tat, cos most of the other times, we are just rushing from places to places. Joey was so cute. She would call out everything she sees that she recognises and says 'Bye bye! Bye bye!' after we pass them by. Bus! Bird! Car! Dog!

Happy Joey cos she got her wish to come out for some 'walk walk'...

Enjoyed my bowl of cheng teng.. a sweet perfect dessert on such a day...

Joey likes it alot too!

Ya! That's the most exciting thing I did today!!

Tomorrow going over to JB to visit grandmama. Be back with photos! =D

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


What is about this Elmo red creature that drive kids crazy?

I don't think I have yet met any kid who does not like Elmo. Well, even if it's not their favorite character, they don't dislike Elmo. Perhaps it's got to do with the fact that it's red in colour and it's got a really cute voice and he giggles all the time.

Joey will always be able to spot an Elmo everywhere we go. No matter how small it is. We could be window shopping and she would suddenly run at high speed screaming at the top of her voice, 'Elmo! Elmo!'. Sometimes, it will take us a few minutes to find where's that Elmo she saw.

Joey has got Elmo soft toys, t-shirts, bags.. and she adores them... The Elmo VCD is one of her favorite must-watch VCDs.. =)

Should we do an elmo-theme birthday for her 2nd birthday? Hmm.. She'll probably be very happy to hear that... =)

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