Friday, May 30, 2008

What An Amazingly Exciting Week!

You won't believe what an exciting week I've had... So exciting that I did not have time to blog at all! Check out my schedule:

Monday: Off day, multi-tasking - trying to stop joey from climbing onto the dining table to dance and splashing the whole bathroom wet with the shower head, and working at the same time.

Tuesday: Long day. Worked till 11pm. Go home.

Wednesday: Go to office. Work. Go home. Work. Sleep.

Thursday: Go to office. Work. Go home. Work. Sleep.

Friday: Go to office. Work. Go home. CG. Work. Sleep

What an amazingly exciting week yeh??? =D

That's why no blogging about joey the whole week lah.

To the photos instead!!!!!!

Joey went to her trial class today.

Hope I have something even more exciting during the weekends!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How Tall Will Your Kid Be??

Are you interested to find out?? =)

Found this interesting tool on babycentre website and I keyed in the info to find out! (You can search on the web for converters of centimetres to feet and kilograms to Ibs)

Here's Joey's report!!!

Your girl will likely be 5 ft. 3 inches at age 18.

(That's 1.61m and that's definitely taller than me! Such a perfect height for a lady, don't you think??)

Try it for your kid too!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Success!

Turned out Joey enjoyed herself at the trial playgroup last Friday when I left her there all by herself. It helped that she knew Ruby, and it also helped that there were only 2 kids in the class including her. Hahaha.. there's not many kids of her age among the staff's kids, so when there are few kids around, she is not afraid. She'll only back down when there are lots of others kids around.

Feedback from the teacher was that she did not once attempt to go to the door or try to look for me. Most of the time, she was either listening to the teacher & following instructions, or she was trying to shift the furnitures around. Haha...

Check out the photos sent to me by the teacher!

The 1st thing that the teacher told them to do was to scoop the cotton balls one by one using a spoon into another bowl. It was to test whether the kids are detailed by nature, ie whether they are 'C' enough.

As expected, my daughter thinks it's too troublesome to scoop the balls one by one, and decided to pour everything into the other bowl instead.

Then they listened to stories by the teacher...

Then they had object lesson where they learnt phonics. The alphabet of the day was 'A'!

Then they played with some 'talking game' using pipes...

Next was Art & Craft time! They made their own phones using paper cups & strings.

They also did finger painting.. Heee... Not sure if it was intended to be 'finger' painting, or just that she got bored of using brushes to paint. Haha...

What are these 2 girls doing??!!

Lesson ended with snack time of course!

Quite alot of activities squeezed into a 2-hour lesson eh? Haha..

According to the nursery auntie, Joey looked very exhausted when she reached back office. Hahaha! I guess she enjoyed herself and really focused on the learning. =) It's a good sign.

Singapore Is So Small

Met a fellow Mummy blogger yesterday at Paragon. We have never met before, but have been reading each other's blogs. Singapore is really so small, Haha!

She's Mummy Tricia ( and we immediately recognised each other though we've only seen each others' photos on our blogs. Really quite comical..

Hope to have a chat with you the next we bump into each other on the streets again, Mummy Tricia! =D

Friday, May 23, 2008

Alone For The First Time

I admit I feel jittery about it.

This morning, I sent Joey to the 1st trial lesson for Stage 2 of the childcare centre. Previously, I always stayed with her cos the trial lessons were only an hour lasting from 10am to 11am. But for stage 2, they are moving on to age-specific classes, so this one that Joey is attending is for 2 - 3 years old, and has more activities such as music, painting, etc. Lesson will be from 10am to 12pm, and since it's my working day, I decided to leave Joey there while I come back to office first. The teacher, Ruby, whom Joey is familiar with, will bring her back to office later.

I really hope that everything will go smoothly and Joey will not start looking for me. The only time she can be independent without me is in office nursery because she is very familiar with the 2 caregivers. But anywhere else, she would look for me and scream & cry if I am not around. For today, she is at least with a teacher she knows, so hopefully she will just enjoy herself painting. When I prep talked her this morning, she seemed quite okay with the idea that Mummy is leaving first and she will come back to office later. *fingers crossed*

If she manages to survive this well, this will be a notable milestone and I think when I finally send her to school proper, it's going to be slightly easier. I will update you what happens later when she is back! =D

Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy 60th Birthday, Ye Ye!

It's Ye Ye's 60th birthday today!

We celebrated at Jumbo Seafood at East Coast...

Stir-fried clams

Drunken prawns

Garlic Veggies

Frog legs with spring onions

Fried little sotong

Steamed fish

Wiping her mouth after a hearty meal..

Happy Birthday Ye Ye!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

It’s Church Day!!

Joey this morning on our way to church

Today I discovered that I could tie her hair in plaits!!! Her hair is slightly layered, so I can't really tie everything up. Her side hair will fall by the side, but whatever is remaining, I managed to tie into a tiny plait! Heee... I think you prob can't see from the photo though.. hee hee

I didn't bring Joey to the playgroup today, but instead she did drawing with her friend, Nicole, in the artiste room. =D

It's really a happy sight to see them having fun together!

Joey does not really have a liking for drawing and colouring, but I guess she's doing it since Nicole is doing it as well!

Here's Nicole, looking like a santarina today!

Aren't they such an adorable duo?

Her Baseball Jersey

We bought Joey a baseball jersey in Bangkok, that's way tooooooo BIG, and so we let her wear it like a dress yesterday when we went out. =P

Not bad.. quite cool.. =D hahaha..

The shoes don't really match though..

With mummy

With papa

The Kuans

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